Startups are Unable to Carryout Businesses Due to Tax Regime

Pakistan, Nov. 6 -- This was stated in a joint report of the World Bank (WB) and Invest2Innovate's Pakistan Startup Ecosystem Report 2019. The report stated that issues such as opening a bank account... Read More

4 Day Work Weeks are More Productive Proved Microsoft

Pakistan, Nov. 5 -- Microsoft's project 'Work-Life Choice Challenge' on work-life balance and its effects on productivity and creativity have yielded interesting results. The Japan subsidiary for the ... Read More

Apple Now Has New Official Distributor in Pakistan

Pakistan, Nov. 4 -- Things in Pakistan's smartphone markets are changing. One of the major changes is that smartphones, including iPhones, will be imported via legal channels. The news first surfaced... Read More

SWVL Investing $25 Million in Pakistan

Pakistan, Nov. 4 -- By now you must have heard about SWVL. SWVL, pronounced as "Swivle" rhymes with chisel, is an app based bus hailing service which is en route to revolutionising the Pakistani commu... Read More

Success Story: Dwayne Johnson "The Rock"

Pakistan, Nov. 1 -- Dwayne Douglas Johnson born inHayward, California on May 2, 1972, is best known for his wrestling career and his unchallengeable title known as 'The Rock'. One of the best and most... Read More

Biryani the Favorite Dish of Pakistani Survey Revealed

Pakistan, Nov. 1 -- The survey revealed that about 47% of Pakistanis claim Biryani to be their favorite dish. About 14% of Pakistanis have Pulao as theirpopular dish. Around 11% Pakistanis enjoy eatin... Read More

Ufone Appointed Adnan Anjum as New CMO

Pakistan, Oct. 31 -- Ufone has appointed Adnan Anjum as its Vice President, we have confirmed with sources in the company.As per details, his appointment was finalized in a recent board meeting of the... Read More

China to Launch a Digital Currency

Pakistan, Oct. 31 -- China is all set to launch its own digital currency and by doing so, becoming the first country in the world to issue its Central Bank Digital Asset. According to Huang Qifan, Ex... Read More

Why Study in China

Pakistan, Oct. 30 -- These days, it's hard not to pay attention to China. By 2030, China is already predicted to be the most powerful economy in the world by all measures. In just a few decades, the c... Read More

Baghdadi IS Chief Killed by US and Buried at Sea

Pakistan, Oct. 29 -- Syrian Kurds claimed to be a key source of the intelligence that led Americans to Baghdadi after years of tracking the man behind a five-year reign of terror across much of Iraq a... Read More