Mobile Phone Imports Declined in Pakistan

Pakistan, April 19 -- Compared to revenue of $603.046 million last year, mobile phone imports have declined by 7.60 percent in first nine months of 2018-19. The latest figures show revenue of $557.187... Read More

Romania Interested to Acquire Workforce from Pakistan

Pakistan, April 18 -- From the year 2020 onwards Pakistanis will be allowed to work in Romania Government has agreed. This progress came into effect when Special Assistant to Prime Minister, Zulfikar... Read More

Government plans to Abolish Protection of Economic Reform Act 1992

Pakistan, April 18 -- The immunity granted to Pakistani residents from inquiry against foreign currency remittances routed via international banking channel will be reformed soon. Government is planni... Read More

Hyundai-Nishat will Start Car Production this Year

Pakistan, Feb. 7 -- A joint venture of International conglomerate Nishat Group with Hyundai will start vehicle production in Pakistan by end of the year 2019 said Mian Mansha chief executive officer o... Read More

Sales Tax on Online Sales Reduced by Govt

Pakistan, Feb. 6 -- Sales tax onOnline sales has been reduced and only 6% sales tax will be applicable. This can be availed once the sale data has been transmitted to Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) co... Read More

Samsung, Huawei, and Nokia to Manufacture Phones in Pakistan

Pakistan, Feb. 4 -- Phone manufacturing in Pakistan has gained great Interest from major IT companies. Recently Samsung, Huawei, and Nokia have shared their desire to start manufacturing phones in Pak... Read More

Pak-China Optic Fiber Cable link Established by SCO

Pakistan, Feb. 1 -- Pak-China Optic Fiber Cable link established by SCO is the huge breakthrough by a public sector organization in Pakistan. SCO's another achievement in its glorious history of abou... Read More

3G and 4G Users in Pakistan have Reached 62 Million Mark

Pakistan, Jan. 31 -- By December 2018, a total number of 3G and 4G users has reached 61.61 million in Pakistan, according to the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA). The number of mobile phone... Read More

Own Money on Cars If Charged will be Dealt Strictly

Pakistan, Jan. 30 -- Government is planning to cancel the registration of dealers charging 'Own Money' to the customers on selling new cars, said Advisor to PMon Commerce, Abdul Razzak Dawood. While ... Read More

Banaspati Ghee Will Be Banned in Pakistan From 2020

Pakistan, Jan. 29 -- A blanket ban will be imposed on the manufacturing, sale, and purchase of Banaspati ghee in Pakistan by 2020, the government has announced. Following the decision, all the factor... Read More