UK hospitals miss mental illness in quarter of patients

U.K., Sept. 22 -- A new study led by researchers at University College London (UCL) has found that severe mental illness diagnoses are being missed in over a quarter of patients when they're admitted ... Read More

New NHS procurement deal to save £75m in IT solutions

U.K., Sept. 21 -- The UK's National Health Service (NHS) has implemented a new procurement framework to help the organisation buy cost-effective IT solutions. It is estimated the framework will save t... Read More

R&Q buyout forms largest regulatory firm for medical devices

U.K., Sept. 21 -- Regulatory and Quality Solutions (R&Q) has acquired compliance consultancy firm Maetrics, becoming the largest global regulatory and quality consultancy focused on medical devices. ... Read More

Pioneering anaesthesia device receives EU approval

U.K., Sept. 17 -- A new device that can enable regional anaesthesia to be performed by just one person has received European CE regulatory approval. Medovate, a company specialising in anaesthesia, ... Read More

What is a smart hospital?

U.K., Sept. 17 -- Simply put, smart hospitals are hospitals which optimize, redesign and/or build new clinical processes, management systems and maybe even infrastructure, all enabled by underlying di... Read More

Telehealth and the COVID-19 pandemic

U.K., Sept. 16 -- Social distancing and many other major measures are being adopted to combat the pandemic, and telehealth is stepping to the forefront of the battle, it is key for safe and efficient ... Read More

Ultra-fast Covid test could give results in under a minute

U.K., Sept. 16 -- A new COVID-19 test could provide accurate results in under a minute, according to its developers. The EU-funded consortium CORONADX is developing PATHAG, a test they say will be u... Read More

Emerging from COVID-19: Rethinking healthcare

U.K., Sept. 15 -- The COVID-19 pandemic has given us all an opportunity to press the reset button and rethink our business and personal decisions. It has also created a watershed moment for the Nation... Read More

C3.ai to launch data-driven initiative to combat COVID-19

U.K., Sept. 15 -- It was announced today that the technology and artificial intelligence company, C3.ai is launching a new initiative which invites data scientists, developers, researchers, and creati... Read More

New wearable device can treat pain without surgery or drugs

U.K., Sept. 15 -- A new foot-worn device is helping people improve painful musculoskeletal conditions without having to leave their homes or experience invasive treatments. AposTherapy(R) has been d... Read More