Virtual reality and training in the post-Covid era

U.K., Oct. 5 -- Virtual reality and its close relatives augmented reality and artificial intelligence have emerged as important tools for healthcare, particularly when it comes to training. The Americ... Read More

Health and IT coalition forms to tackle inequalities in US

U.K., Oct. 4 -- Healthcare providers and IT companies in the US have joined forces to form a coalition aiming to address longstanding health inequalities that have been amplified by the COVID-19 pande... Read More

DreaMed's AI solution for diabetes expands across the US

U.K., Oct. 2 -- DreaMed Diabetes, an AI-based remote diabetes solution, is to be made available in clinics across the US, with a particular focus on rural communities. The new tool, which is the fir... Read More

Low income countries to get millions of $5 Covid tests

U.K., Oct. 2 -- This week it was announced that 120 million rapid diagnostic Covid tests will be available to some of the world's poorer countries at a low cost. It represents the biggest roll-out of ... Read More

New e-rostering for tablets will help clinicians on the go

U.K., Sept. 30 -- UK software company Allocate is rolling out a new version of its people management platform HealthRoster, designed to make electronic rostering faster and simpler for healthcare prof... Read More

Nasal spray could prevent Covid-19, new research shows

U.K., Sept. 29 -- Scientists are working on a nasal spray that could prevent Covid-19. Researchers from the University of California have created a molecule they believe to be one of the most most pow... Read More

South Korean telecoms firm enters digital healthcare market

U.K., Sept. 28 -- South Korea's largest telecoms company has announced it is entering the country's digital healthcare market. KT, formerly known as Korea Telecom, has signed a memorandum of understa... Read More

Freshworks: Intelligent IT Solutions at Freshservice

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US firms expand mobile telehealth solutions

U.K., Sept. 27 -- Telehealth firm IDSolutions and Tryten, a manufacturer of mobile vehicles for the healthcare sector, are expanding their joint solution. The two US-based companies are expanding the... Read More

Connectivity for diabetes care in the new normal

U.K., Sept. 26 -- E. Graeme Harvey, Digital Product Marketing Manager at Roche, developed the Accu-Chek Snap and is leading the development of the Roche Diabetes Care Platform. Here he writes about wh... Read More