Saving lives with three words

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Hospital robotics: democratising global healthcare

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FedEx and Direct Relief partner to deliver aid to Lebanon

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Is the C3-Cloud the future of coordinated care?

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NHS names new partner to reduce COVID-19 strain on staff

U.S., Aug. 26 -- A healthcare provider that specialises in musculoskeletal disorders has been named as a partner by the UK's National Health Service (NHS) to help reduce the burden on frontline worker... Read More

Remote health must expand to meet patient demand, study says

U.S., Aug. 25 -- A new report by medical device manufacturers Owen Mumford Pharmaceutical Services, has found that remote healthcare solutions must expand to meet the increased need for acute services... Read More

A headset and chatbot app is helping to reduce depression

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How a mental healthcare practice switched to telehealth

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Freshworks: delivering a 360 software solution

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Assistive tech helps prevent children becoming isolated

U.S., Aug. 24 -- A UK charity has been delivering assistive technology to children with disabilities and complex conditions to prevent isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic. Lifelites has donated i... Read More