'Going online will stem corruption'

MUMBAI, Aug. 19 -- The covid-19 crisis has disrupted the education sector like never before, not merely restricted to cancellation of exams or moving classes online, but at a much larger scale. Howeve... Read More

A plea to those bringing about a shift in the learning process

NEW DELHI, Aug. 19 -- The National Education Policy 2020 (NEP) approved by the Union cabinet on 29 July replaces the National Policy on Education, 1986. It is not as though in these intervening 34 yea... Read More

Out-of-school children are likely to double due to Covid

BENGALURU, Aug. 19 -- Pranitha V, a pre-university student went back to her hometown in Nagaland from Bengaluru, in April after educational institutions closed due to the pandemic, but the 17-year-old... Read More

Post-pandemic opportunities for the differently-abled

New Delhi, July 29 -- India faces a huge skill gap when it comes to skill training. According to the data related to the gap in skills training released by Census 2011, 104 million new employees would... Read More

Focus on gender bias

New Delhi, July 29 -- The departments of Political Science and English, Jamia Millia Islamia(JMI) organised a Webinar today titled 'Gender Bias, Stereotyping, and Gender Equality' in collaboration wit... Read More

Turbocharge India's youth for economic comeback

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179 professional colleges wind up

NEW DELHI, July 29 -- At least 179 professional colleges, including engineering colleges and business schools, shut down in India in academic year 2020-21, amid a tough employment environment, falling... Read More

New report suggests improvement in hiring activity

New Delhi, July 29 -- The Naukri JobSpeak Index for June 2020, at 1208, marks an improvement of 33% in hiring activity as compared to May 2020, at 910. The improvement could be attributed to nation-wi... Read More

The education market is massive yet highly under-penetrated: Vedantu CEO

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How top universities including IITs are redefining learning amid COVID-19

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