The importance of digitalisation

NEW DELHI, April 17 -- When speaking about the new age of digitalisation, we should not make the mistake of considering it just another technological revolution. The first thing we need to be aware of... Read More

The 2019 tech career guide is here!

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Climate change impact assessment centre at IIT-M

NEW DELHI, April 17 -- The Indian Institute of Technology, Madras launched a 'DST Centre of Excellence (CoE) in Climate Change Impacts on Coastal Infrastructure and the Adaptation Strategies' recently... Read More

Future of engineering education in India

NEW DELHI, April 17 -- Circa 1700, India's GDP was the highest in the world, higher than the combined GDP of Western Europe, higher than the GDP of China and the US. Then came the Industrial Revolutio... Read More

India, Sweden announce industrial collaboration

NEW DELHI, April 17 -- India and Sweden recently announced the IndiaSweden Collaborative Industrial Research & Development Programme on the occasion of the Sweden-India Innovation Partnership AI for A... Read More

Opportunities in the diagnostics sector

NEW DELHI, April 17 -- Healthcare sector is one of the largest sectors when it comes to terms and job opportunities. The industry deals with various services like hospitals, diagnostics, medical touri... Read More

Vahani offers financial support and personal mentorship: Reeva Misra

NEW DELHI, April 17 -- Founded in 2014, Vahani scholarship is a not-for-profit organisation working to further the education and prospects of children from under-privileged backgrounds in India. Its m... Read More

Making talent future-ready through global, interdisciplinary educationHTED

NEW DELHI, April 17 -- Higher education thought leaders, reformers and recruiters are making the case for interdisciplinary education within traditional degree programs as a way for students to stay a... Read More

Deep-tech research at IIT-D

NEWDELHI, April 17 -- The Indian Institute of Technology-Delhi (IIT-D) has decided to back startups and research scholars willing to start a business in deep technology, including artificial intellige... Read More

Premji saw education as way to bring about lasting change

NEW DELHI, April 10 -- It all began with a simple idea, with Azim Premji exploring the option of starting a liberal arts school in 1997.The seed has now grown into a big tree of around 2,000 people, a... Read More