Felicitation at VIT

New Delhi, March 18 -- VIT Bhopal, a top ranked educational giant is on a mission to reach the masses of central and northern zone of our county. As a part of the mission, VIT Bhopal hosted a knowledg... Read More

Why lifelong learning is an urgent necessity, not a choice

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Urban design meet

New Delhi, March 18 -- The first National Conference by Saveetha College of Architecture and Design on Chennai in collaboration with The Indian Institute of Architects (IIA), Tamil Nadu titled "Sustai... Read More

Making graduates job-ready urgently

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Bridging the education gap with cutting-edge tech

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Why online degrees can be a game changer for higher education

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Why gender equality is still a far cry in India

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The coronavirus outbreak: black swan or grey rhino?

New Delhi, March 18 -- In recent days, two terms tend to make a regular appearance in the context of the Coronavirus outbreak - black swans and grey rhinos. The notion of a black swan event, made popu... Read More

New algorithms to diagnose failure in components of climate control systems

New Delhi, March 18 -- Indian Institute of Technology Mandi researchers of Modeling and Intelligent Control group have developed new algorithms for component failure detection and diagnosis that can e... Read More

E-learning platforms step in as schools and colleges urgently forced to shutdown

New Delhi, March 18 -- With the Coronavirus outbreak gaining steam in India, governments around the country are shutting down schools and colleges to prevent mass gatherings. To prevent the educationa... Read More