World Water Day 2024: Precious blue liquid is a thin red line between war and peace, says UN report

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Pangolins in Africa: Expert unpacks why millions have been traded illegally and what can be done about it

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Why did eastern India receive heavy rainfall on March 20? A cocktail of weather systems is the answer

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Why is Sonam Wangchuk on a 'Climate Fast', again?

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From job card holders to migrants: Former MGNREGS workers in West Bengal lament loss of identity and dignity

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Daily Court Digest: Major environment orders (March 21, 2024)

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Hepatitis B is a public health concern in India; but very few know about its transmission, effects & vaccination

India, March 22 -- Misconceptions and insufficient education on Hepatitis B are widespread; they necessitate targeted information campaigns, finds Sir Ganga Ram Hospital study Public knowledge and aw... Read More

Occupational heat exposure doubles risk of miscarriages or stillbirths

India, March 22 -- Most heat-exposed workers had urogenital symptoms, which might be associated with pregnancy-related complications The increasing frequency of heatwaves in tropical countries like I... Read More

Netravati riverfront project: NGT takes cognisance of CRZ & environmental norm violation allegations, seeks report

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Odisha is providing drinking water on tap: How did it achieve the monumental feat?

India, March 22 -- Controlling water leaks, elimination of contamination via outside water were among major challenges faced In 2017, the Odisha government initiated its 'drink from tap' mission for ... Read More