Metaverse News: Virtual real estate is as valuable as physical real estate

INDIA, Nov. 24 -- Now that we're getting closer to a reality where virtual lives can be as rich as 'real' ones, virtual real estate is, for lack of a better term, poppin' off the charts. Recently, a p... Read More

Krafton Working On Ways To Curb Hacking In PUBG: New State

INDIA, Nov. 24 -- PUBG: New State is barely a few weeks old, but it looks like it's already dealing with its own fair share of hackers and cheaters. In a post on its official website, Krafton Inc ackn... Read More

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Series, Galaxy Watch 5, Galaxy Buds Pro 2 primed for 2022 launch

INDIA, Nov. 24 -- Samsung's 2022 lineup is set to include a host of tablets, laptop PCs, smartwatches, and wireless earphones. The information comes from the Twitter user @FrontTron who detailed Samsu... Read More

BGMI Releases Fix To Help Players Claim Mirror World Lobby Theme

INDIA, Nov. 24 -- Krafton has released a fix for a bug that affected players after the 1.7 update. The bug in question is an issue wherein players were not able to claim the Mirror World Lobby Theme. ... Read More

Vodafone VIL is now offering brand new plans for its pre-paid users

India, Nov. 24 -- For Vodafone users, there seems to be a bit of good news on the horizon. The company has just announced a bunch of new plans for pre-paid users in India. The new plans will be availa... Read More

The rumour mill is churning out these OnePlus 10 Pro specifications

India, Nov. 24 -- With a few OnePlus 10 Pro renders having leaked online, there are now rumours about the specifications all over the internet. Most believe that the new smartphone will bring improvem... Read More

Winamp is set to "whip the llama" once again

INDIA, Nov. 23 -- Winamp holds a special place in the hearts of anyone who grew up listening to music in the late 90s and early 2000s. However, as years rolled by and as compact and portable music pla... Read More

El Salvador plans world's first Bitcoin city, to be powered by a Volcano and funded by Bitcoin bonds

INDIA, Nov. 23 -- Bitcoin fever is picking up, as El Salvador has announced plans to build the world's first "Bitcoin City". Interestingly, this city will also be funded initially by bitcoin-backed bo... Read More

Hideo Kojima is finally looking at diversifying into films and TV shows

INDIA, Nov. 23 -- As if making critically acclaimed and financially profitable games was not enough, Hideo Kojima is now looking at jumping headfirst into the world of TV and film. His company, Kojima... Read More

Rockstar Apologizes To Fans After Releasing GTA Trilogy Remaster In A Broken State

INDIA, Nov. 23 -- Fans are furious over Rockstar after the release of the official "Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy - The Definitive Edition" on PlayStation, Xbox and PC. The game was released as a brok... Read More