Kalidas Karmakar: Inspiring till His Last Breath

Dhaka, Oct. 25 -- I met Kalidas Karmakar (affectionately known as Kali da) for the last time at a dinner in International Club, Gulshan. On that occasion, he showed me some of his recent paintings on ... Read More

'Made in Bangladesh' nominated for 'Asia-Pacific Screen Award'

Dhaka, Oct. 25 -- Directed by Rubaiyat Hossain, the film 'Made in Bangladesh' has been nominated for the 8th 'Asia-Pacific Screen Awards (APSA)', to be held in Australia, under UNESCO's cultural diver... Read More

Science Film Festival held in city

Dhaka, Oct. 25 -- A four-day Science Film Festival 2019 was recently held in Dhaka and Chattogram to enrich the knowledge of science among children. The festival was organised by Goethe Institut Bang... Read More

Oriental art exhibition begins at Gallery Cosmos

Dhaka, Oct. 25 -- With the vision to promoting oriental artworks of the enriched eastern heritage, Gallery Cosmos organizes a unique art-exhibition titled 'Praccher Prachin Dhara' / The Ancient Lineag... Read More

"Ayub Bachchu: The rock-legend Loving, Respected and Benevolent

Dhaka, Oct. 25 -- Autumn is known as a vibrant season in Bangladesh, but the autumn of 2018 was not so colorful. It was welcoming, but only to a sudden and catastrophic death that stopped a dedicated ... Read More

'Amra Ekta Cinema Banabo' screened at three international film festivals

Dhaka, Oct. 25 -- The film 'Amra Ekta Cinema Banabo', produced by Impress Telefilm Ltd, was screened at three festivals in Colombia, France and Croatia. National Award winning filmmaker Ashraf Shishir... Read More

Ayub Bachchu's first death anniversary observed

Dhaka, Oct. 25 -- Ayub Bachchu, a legendary figure of Bangladeshi band music, passed away at the age of 56 on October 18 last year. He was one of the individuals who have founded the base of band musi... Read More

Mode of Production

Dhaka, Oct. 25 -- Prominent economist Abul Barkat has been published a book on "Mode of Production: Theory, Asiatic, Historiographic relevance, pre-capitalistic China, America, Bangladesh" from Muktob... Read More

Olympic marathons might move to cooler north

Dhaka, Oct. 25 -- Those who still remember the exciting moments of the first Olympic Games held in the Japanese capital more than five decades ago might well recount the scene of a skinny marathon run... Read More

The United Nations remains relevant

Dhaka, Oct. 25 -- More than half a century ago, Dag Hammarskjoeld perished in the depths of Africa in his quest to bring peace to Congo. His sacrifice remains a supreme example of the lengths to which... Read More