Shahid Kabir: A Stranger from Spain

Dhaka, Aug. 7 -- I recently found and acquired a set of eight exquisitely embossed aquatint etchings by artist Shahid Kabir made in Spain in the mid 1980's, which intrigued me to research them further... Read More

Development partners and CSOS after covid-19: strength or stigma?

Dhaka, Aug. 7 -- Darwin noted, the most adaptive species are the fittest. Despite of having existing hoax, COVID- 19 has already created a deeper socio-economic disruption in our country. Pandemic may... Read More

ULAB DEH Alumni Association holds virtual Eid get-together

Dhaka, Aug. 7 -- University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh (ULAB)'s Department of English and Humanities (DEH) Alumni Association held a virtual reunion on Zoom on August 2 for its alumni students and fac... Read More

Qurbani: A key to build a Resilient Society

Dhaka, Aug. 7 -- Eid-Al-Adha, festival of sacrifice, is not only special joyous day for Muslim Ummah but also one of the symbols and rituals of Allah, the ever knowing and wise, and a great chance to ... Read More

Impact of lockdown on childhood obesity

Dhaka, Aug. 7 -- As the lockdown implemented to fight against COVID-19, the rate of childhood obesity increases drastically around the world. An article published in the journal entitled "obesity" su... Read More

The sad plight of Rayhan Kabir in Malaysia

Dhaka, July 31 -- Nothing Rayhan said 'even remotely in breach of Malaysian laws', says legal rights group. Malaysian human rights advocacy group Lawyers for Liberty have released a statement expres... Read More

Bidyanondo's Mehmankhana: Where the hungry are made to feel special

Dhaka, July 31 -- Bidyanondo Foundation, known for innovative initiatives to serve the marginalised people even before the COVID-19 pandemic hit lives and livelihoods in Bangladesh, have unveiled thei... Read More

Sajeeb Wazed Joy: A leader in the making

Dhaka, July 31 -- A child was born during the travails of the birth of his country. He was given his name long before his birth which denotes victory and the victory was won a few months after he was ... Read More

Tremors in the Trump Tower, as Nervous November Nears!

Dhaka, July 31 -- Come November, the Coronavirus might claim its most significant victim in the United States. It could be the presidency of Donald Trump. If that were to happen, it would be a fatalit... Read More

Asma Akber's intense passion for vivacious hues

Dhaka, July 31 -- Asma Akber is a self-taught painter--- this is not at all a proper introduction for a creative personality. Her umbilical cord with art has seemingly been intact since her childhood.... Read More