THE AFGHAN RAPPROCHEMENT: BOON OR BANE? Comparison of the U.S and Soviet Withdrawal from Afghanistan

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Shall the Peace Agreement Hold in Afghanistan?

Lahore, March 16 -- INTERESTING alignment is coming up in Afghanistan after the signing of Peace Agreement, some of the erstwhile rivals are coming together to join the peace effort. One such string i... Read More

Respect without gender bias

Lahore, March 16 -- Humans in general have always been very free minded, liberation is one of the biggest reasons for some of the major wars in the world if im being honest. Liberation from slavery, t... Read More

Pakistan safe country for sports and tourism

Lahore, March 16 -- Success of PSL and sporting events must be highlighted Pakistan as safe country for sports and tourism. Pakistan is such a huge country, which comprises countless different regions... Read More

Mir Shakeel in the dock

Lahore, March 16 -- The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) arrested Mir Shakeel-ur-Rehman - the editor-in-chief of the Jang Group that includes Urdu daily Jang, English daily, The News International... Read More

Benevolent dictatorship

Lahore, March 16 -- Dictatorship is not a good thing but lucky are the nations which are blessed with benevolent dictators. Since the word of their mouth is law, they get sufficient time to translate ... Read More

Terrorist Raj in Hindu Rashter

Lahore, March 16 -- US STATE department's annual report about human rights has rightly pointed out India for being a hub of religious hatred based violence against minorities . Facts are bitterly unde... Read More

The Real Hero- Premkant Baghel

Lahore, March 16 -- TOM IS A Christian because his parents were Christians and Akbar is a Muslim because his parents were Muslims. Same is the case with Ram and Gupta; they are the Hindus because they... Read More

Climate Change Implications on Water Resources of Pakistan

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ABU NASR AL FARABI Principles of Education

Lahore, March 14 -- EDUCATION ENABLES us to have an understanding of the world around us and develops in us, a perspective of looking at life. It makes us capable of interpreting the realities of life... Read More