Law of torts can checkmate yellow journalism

Lahore, Jan. 28 -- If the government thinks that some gentlemen of the Fourth Estate are spreading false stories about it or spreading despondency in the country which is detrimental to its stability,... Read More

Manipulation of feminism

Lahore, Jan. 27 -- To the unaware Feminism from its pronouncciation and alphabetic formation becomes something not for men. Like the color pink, only men extremely comfortable with there sexual orient... Read More

Republic Day and Hindu Extremism

Lahore, Jan. 27 -- ON 26TH of January, every year, is being celebrated by India as the Republic Day. According to Indian, the Republic Day honors the date on which the Constitution of India came into ... Read More

A Nightmare for Bangladesh Future Growth Sustainability

Lahore, Jan. 27 -- SHAIKH HASINA, the premier of Bangladesh, has long been accused of sacrificing her country's interests and selling out to India by her political critics. This narrative intensified ... Read More

Today's India

Lahore, Jan. 27 -- INDIA MARKS ITS Republic Day on 26th of January with a claim that they honour the date on which the Constitution of India, came into effect on 26 January 1950 replacing the 1935 Gov... Read More

A Step to Compulsive Dislodgment

Lahore, Jan. 27 -- MIGRATION, displacement, compulsive shifting or dislodgment; whatever you call it, the process is always very painful, particularly when you know that it is going to be an irreversi... Read More

Kashmir - Need for Proactive Not Reactive Diplomacy

Lahore, Jan. 27 -- Kashmir has remained an unresolved issue for over 70-years. It is high time that the international community comes together and work towards resolving the issue from a new perspecti... Read More

Prospects for Peace in Afghanistan

Lahore, Jan. 27 -- The long-awaited results of presidential elections in Afghanistan were announced on 22 December. Amidst allegations of rigging, President Ashraf Ghani is set to lead Afghanistan for... Read More

China steps up public transport coronavirus quarantine

Lahore, Jan. 27 -- China has ramped up quarantine measures on public transport by demanding the immediate isolation and transfer to the nearest observation stations of coronavirus infected patients on... Read More

China sends military medics to Wuhan

Lahore, Jan. 27 -- China has sent 450 military medical staff, including professionals who have experience in the fight against SARS or Ebola, to the novel coronavirus hardest-hit city of Wuhan. The me... Read More