Armenia-India Hegemonic Designs

Lahore, March 20 -- FORCES OF divergence and confrontation mainly Armenia and India are gelling to sabotage the regional peace in South Caucasus and South East Asia. Both have hegemonic designs to gra... Read More

Women Empowerment

Lahore, March 20 -- Empowerment is the mechanism in which individuals build control over their own lives, culture, and societies. Empowerment involves action by educating, increasing awareness, litera... Read More

Diplomatic Battle for Kashmir

Lahore, March 20 -- It can be easily assessed that any reference to Kashmir haunts India to an extent where New Delhi forgets to abide by the universally acknowledged diplomatic norms. Arrogant respon... Read More

Nowruz, our Region's Joint Cultural Festival

Lahore, March 20 -- Nowruz is the Iranian New Year, also known as the Persian New Year, which is celebrated worldwide by various ethno-linguistic groups. Nowruz is the day of the vernal equinox, and m... Read More

COVID-19 Myths Deluging Faster than Virus Itself

Lahore, March 20 -- WHILE BEIJING IS taking every possible measure to halt the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic in China and abroad, Washington is busy playing the blame game rather than making concrete ... Read More


Lahore, March 20 -- With the passing away of Dr Mubashar Hasan the other day in Lahore, one of the last remnants of the ideological workers of the PPP has joined the great majority. He was a socialist... Read More

Travelling at the Speed of Light Possibilities and Probabilities

Lahore, March 19 -- THE HUMAN quest to reduce distances have always been instinctive. The invention of potter's wheel to modern day ultrasonic machines is a manifestation of the same desire. Modern sc... Read More

Blue Economy: Understanding prospects for Pakistan

Lahore, March 19 -- IN N SIMPLER SIMPLERterms, oceanic activities that can be translated into economic yields are what we called Blue Economy. In view of the blea financial and ecological circumstance... Read More

UZBEKISTA N Normative approach being applied to combat corruption in education sector

Lahore, March 19 -- CORRUPTION IS a serious crime that undermines social and economic development in all societies. Not a single country, a single region, a single society is immune from corruption. C... Read More

A misplaced allegation

Lahore, March 19 -- Bilawal should have thought twice before saying that how can a government which cannot solve corona virus crisis can solve other problems of Sind. What, if somebody asks him how ca... Read More