The British publication shares an article on why it is worth to travel to Uzbekistan

Lahore, Jan. 7 -- The British publication inews.co.uk published an article on why it is worth to travel to Uzbekistan. "Uzbekistan is ready for the tourist "boom"in 2020 with the ancient cities of the... Read More

Azerbaijan's Azneftmash to export drilling equipment to Eastern Europe

Lahore, Jan. 7 -- Azneftmash, an Azerba ijani company engaged in the production of drilling equipment for the oil and gas sector, is soon going to export drilling equipment to Ukraine, a source at the... Read More

OSCE Programme Office in Dushanbe launches project on green border protection and emergency response

Lahore, Jan. 7 -- the OSCE Programme Office in Dushanbe launched a EUR 3.3 million project on the "Stabilization of Tajikistan's Southern Border Region with Afghanistan", funded within the framework o... Read More

Prospects for Uzbek Lithuanian cooperation discussed

Lahore, Jan. 7 -- The Ambassador of Uzbekistan Kadambay Sultanov met in Riga with the head of the InterParliamentary Cooperation Group with Uzbekistan in the Sejm of Lithuania, Valerius Simulik. An ex... Read More

Belarus Govt approves economic development action plan for 2020

Lahore, Jan. 7 -- The Belarusian government has approved a plan of action for 2020 to create conditions for economic development in the country. The Council of Ministers' corresponding Resolution No.9... Read More

Political immaturity

Lahore, Jan. 7 -- It was politically naive on the part of Bilawal to offer openly MQM ministries in Sindh as well as in the centre as a quid pro quo in case it parts with the PTI. The statement in thi... Read More

Stressed youth

Lahore, Jan. 6 -- Recently a student of mine hasn't been himself he seemed really stressed and confused so as a concerned teacher and friend I asked him what was wrong. He told me how he had to apply ... Read More

India Trampled the UN Resolution Regarding Plebiscite in Kashmir

Lahore, Jan. 6 -- EVERY YEAR, January 5 is celebrated in remembrance of the pledges the UNO, as on this very day in 1949, UNCIP (United Nations Commission for Indian Pakistan) resolution adopted in wh... Read More

Human Rights Abuses in the Indian Occupied Kashmir

Lahore, Jan. 6 -- In July, 2019 Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) issued a 43 pages reports on human rights violations in Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK). Summary o... Read More


Lahore, Jan. 6 -- THE commander of the Quds force of the Revolutionary Guards Corps, an armed force separate from the regular army, he was sometimes compared to Erwin Rommel and described as the singl... Read More