The True Spirit of the Pakistan Day

Lahore, March 23 -- EVERY YEAR, people of Pakistan celebrate the 23rd of March as the Pakistan Day, with great enthusiasm and zeal. But, this time, this very day has come at a time when Pakistan is fa... Read More

23rd March Day Pledge

Lahore, March 23 -- The nation of Pakistan is celebrating another momentous "Pakistan Resolution Day" which possesses an enormous commemoration in the historic struggle for acquiring Pakistan. The par... Read More

Real Significance of Pak Day

Lahore, March 23 -- PAK Day is not merely a holiday to have leisure time at home. One can fairly comprehend the real value of independence by having a glance at the minorities of India. Partition of s... Read More

Indian forces go back, 90 per cent students demand

Lahore, March 23 -- ASURVEY conducted by researchers from a University in Kashmir and New York's Skidmore college, pub in the "Washington Post" and aljazera.com, showed that 91% of Kashmiri students s... Read More

Hong Kong to take more measures to curb spread of COVID-19

Lahore, March 23 -- The situation in Hong Kong is becoming critical as many people are expected to return to Hong Kong from foreign countries and regions hard hit by the COVID-19 and more measures wil... Read More

China central bank official says too early to talk of financial crisis

Lahore, March 23 -- Despite recent tumbling in the global financial market in the wake of the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic, it is still too early to tell if a global financial crisis ... Read More

Xi says China to send medical experts to help Serbia fight COVID-19

Lahore, March 23 -- China will provide Serbia with assistance in protective equipment and medical instruments, and send a group of medical experts to help it better contain the COVID-19 epidemic, Chin... Read More

Chinese medical supplies arrive in Athens in aid of Greece's COVID-19 fight

Lahore, March 23 -- Approximately eight tons of medical supplies provided by the Chinese government to Greece after Athens' urgent request arrived on Saturday morning at Athens international airport o... Read More

Xi calls for building community of common health for mankind

Lahore, March 23 -- Chinese President Xi Jinping said China stands ready to work with France to boost international cooperation in epidemic prevention and control and build a community of common healt... Read More

China emerging as victorious in battle against COVID-19 amid U.S mudslinging

Lahore, March 23 -- WUHAN, THE capital of China's Hubei province that has borne the brunt of COVID-19 outbreak emerged as the ray of hope for rest of the world that even the most severe situation can ... Read More