The Balakot Expose

Islamabad, March 19 -- February 26, 2019, all the papers in the morning screamed one headline, WAR! Indians rejoiced as Balakot was flattened into emptiness, Pakistan was exposed harboring terrorists ... Read More

Boom of Pakistan Tourism Industry

Islamabad, March 19 -- CPEC is a billions dollar project being implemented since 2015, when both Pakistan and China signed an agreement to construct this Economic Corridor. The CPEC will not only bene... Read More

Ignominy or Politics? Modi's Policy of Suppressing separatism in India

Islamabad, March 19 -- In a fresh spate of attacks in Indian held Kashmir, the people of the occupied territory have sent a loud and clear message to the global community that a purely indigenous sepa... Read More

Ethiopian crash crew's voices could unlock high-stakes Boeing inquiry

Islamabad, March 19 -- The investigation into the final minutes of Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 turned on Tuesday to the secrets in the cockpit voice recorder as Boeing and a shaken global aviation i... Read More

Brexit in crisis as PM May plots a course around speaker's obstruction

Islamabad, March 19 -- British Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit plans were in disarray on Tuesday as her government sought to plot a way around the speaker of parliament's ruling that she had to ch... Read More

More than 1,000 feared dead in Mozambique Storm

Islamabad, March 19 -- More than a thousand people are feared to have died in a cyclone that smashed into Mozambique last week, while scores were killed and more than 200 are missing in neighbouring Z... Read More

U.S probing certification of Boeing 737 MAX

Islamabad, March 19 -- Boeing and US aviation regulators are coming under intense scrutiny over the certification of the 737 MAX aircraft after news that two recent crashes share similarities. On Ma... Read More

Foreign investment law to further boost opening-up

Islamabad, March 19 -- China's national legislature passed the foreign investment law at the closing meeting of its annual session on March 15. Foreign media described the approval as "extremely imp... Read More

Marathon continues to expand influence in China: Report

Islamabad, March 19 -- Marathon is driving up development of relevant sports industries as it further expands influence in China, said a report issued by the Chinese Athletics Association (CAA) in Xia... Read More

China, Vietnam open new cross border bridge

Islamabad, March 19 -- China and Vietnam officially opened a new crossborder bridge on Tuesday linking the city of Dongxing in China and the city of Mong Cai in Vietnam. The 27.7- meter-wide Beilun II... Read More