Short accommodation: Checks and balances that cut Airbnb revenue losses

Nairobi, Jan. 31 -- A fortnight ago, netizens were treated to copious amounts of laughter after a viral tweet indicated that some Kenyans book short-term rentals popularly known as 'Airbnbs' to use ga... Read More

Garden fountain: Choosing the right kind for your home

Nairobi, Jan. 31 -- Homeowners are increasingly adding fountains to their front yards. Fountains give your home an elegant and calming feeling, especially if you love sitting or entertaining outdoors.... Read More

Kendi finds her life calling preserving beauty of blooms up to 2 years

Nairobi, Jan. 31 -- Preserved flowers, rather than fresh ones, are gradually becoming an interior design option. And Kendi Kamanja, a florist, is pushing the boundaries on what constitutes a beautiful... Read More

KenGen tightens grip on geothermal wells

Nairobi, Jan. 31 -- Listed power producer KenGen has secured first-refusal rights on geothermal wells drilled by the Geothermal Development Company (GDC), opening the way for the generator to set up n... Read More

Absa customers access Timiza funds at ATMs

Nairobi, Jan. 31 -- Absa Bank Kenya has added an automated teller machine (ATM) withdrawal option on its mobile wallet Timiza platform, to allow customers to access funds from any of the lender's cash... Read More

Kenya Power to collect Sh31bn from new tarrifs

Nairobi, Jan. 31 -- Kenya Power will raise up to Sh31.4 billion more from consumers under the proposed new electricity tariff set to kick in from April. Acting Managing Director of Kenya Power, Geoff... Read More

Five towns to get privatised sewer lines in World Bank plan

Nairobi, Jan. 31 -- Kenyan homes not connected to sewer lines will pay about Sh827 every month under a proposed Public Private Partnership (PPP) programme aimed at privatising the sanitation chain in ... Read More

Ex-Kenya Power staff lose in Sh3.4bn claim

Nairobi, Jan. 31 -- The court has dismissed a Sh3.4 billion claim against Kenya Power by former employees of the electricity distributor. Justice Nelson Jorum said the company had suffered losses bet... Read More

Court enforces Sh380m award for ex-KPMG boss after wrongful removal

Nairobi, Jan. 31 -- Mr Richard Ndung'u Boro recalls the events of October 3, 2016, like they happened yesterday. He remembers being seated in his office when he was summoned by the chief executive of... Read More

Kenyan outwits US firm in trademark row

Nairobi, Jan. 31 -- James Muchemi Kihara has been in the business of selling and distributing cosmetic products in Kenya for more than three decades. The businessman was in the early 2000s distributi... Read More