Financial crimes watchdog flags Sh86bn in three years

Nairobi, Feb. 21 -- Kenyan investigative agencies flagged and investigated more than $591.36 million (Sh86 billion) generated from suspected illicit activities, including corruption, fraud and cybercr... Read More

Six rounds of interviews? An endless loop of the talent search process

Nairobi, Feb. 21 -- "A six-stage interview? Keep that job for someone who is dying for it because it is surely not me". This remark, while resonating with a broad audience, sparked a flurry of respon... Read More

Counties miss Sh16bn mineral use revenue potential amid shortfalls

Nairobi, Feb. 21 -- County governments collected below one percent of the Sh16 billion they could have raised from natural resource exploitation fees in the financial year that ended June last year, a... Read More

Central Bank sets specific fines for breach of banking rules

Nairobi, Feb. 21 -- The Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) has set specific fines for lenders and officials breaching rules, a shift from blanket fines for all violations. The published Draft Banking (Penal... Read More

State House hit as Sh47bn spending requests rejected

Nairobi, Feb. 21 -- The Controller of Budget (COB) rejected the bulk of spending requests by State House, 18 ministries and agencies made under the emergency clause in the six months ended December, a... Read More

Why Kenya is experiencing hot weather

Nairobi, Feb. 21 -- A five-day weather forecast issued by the Kenya Meteorological Department shows that most parts of the country are experiencing dry spells characterised by searing temperatures. I... Read More

Supreme Court returns NSSF rates petition back to Court of Appeal

Nairobi, Feb. 21 -- The Supreme Court has returned a petition challenging the National Social Security Fund (NSSF) Act, 2013 that enhanced contributions to the fund, to the Court of Appeal for a fresh... Read More

How to clinch that coveted job with humour

Nairobi, Feb. 21 -- In the midst of Upper Hill's competitive hiring scene, two lead contenders emerged for the coveted role of regional sales manager. Mwangi, armed with a resume as impressive as his... Read More

The importance of API security in the age of digital transformation

Nairobi, Feb. 21 -- Digital transformation has become a key driver for companies in the financial services sector to create and capture value. At the heart of this transformation is the increased adop... Read More

Paradox of rogue Russia's continued influence in the UN Security Council

Nairobi, Feb. 21 -- Our world order is in bad shape in 2024: for Russia has gone rogue, and the United Nations won't put an end to it. When Russia invaded Ukraine in February 2022, it flat-out breach... Read More