Shilling drum-up flops as local unit extends decline

Nairobi, Sept. 13 -- The shilling has extended its losses against the US dollar to surpass its overall drop last year despite the revamp of the interbank forex market in March. President William Ruto... Read More

Privatisation of State-owned companies yet to be achieved

Nairobi, Sept. 13 -- President William Ruto's October 2022 promise to privatise between six and 10 State-owned firms within a year is yet to bear fruit, held up by ongoing legislative changes to the P... Read More

Uphill task trying to grow the economy

Nairobi, Sept. 13 -- The William Ruto administration has struggled to grow the economy since taking power a year ago amid a weakening shilling and high debt repayment costs. The country's gross domes... Read More

President Ruto plans corporate tax cut to woo foreign investors

Nairobi, Sept. 13 -- Kenya plans to cut corporate income tax (CIT) on earnings by five percentage points in a bid to drive compliance and align with average international rates in a bruising global ba... Read More

Multi-generation workplace: Excelling with Gen Z and millennial staff

Nairobi, Sept. 13 -- Picture this. You are a manager at a legacy company that has stood the test of time but faces stiff competition from new agile start-ups. Under you is a team of muti-generational... Read More

Don't allow personal data use to become hot potato for firms

Nairobi, Sept. 13 -- Data is now a vital asset driving growth and innovation for organisations. Recent events, such as the actions of Worldcoin in Kenya have, however, brought to the fore risks associ... Read More

Arbitration clause: Why you shouldn't rush to have it in your employment contract

Nairobi, Sept. 13 -- More often than not, most employees do not object to having an arbitration clause in their contracts at the time of contracting. After all, who thinks they will have a dispute wit... Read More

How overconfidence gives rise to wild ideas

Nairobi, Sept. 13 -- In a bustling Mombasa office of a renowned shipping company, a mid-level executive named Ahmed frequently discusses his theories that the company's top management is out to get ev... Read More

Automate tax processes to increase compliance of firms and efficiency

Nairobi, Sept. 13 -- In an age of globalisation and digitisation, tax professionals must actively engage rather than passively observe. The complex tax regulations require experts to comply while ensu... Read More

Where is the man with Putin's ears and who is running Russia?

Nairobi, Sept. 13 -- I have never thought much about ears or how they differ, which, last week, made studying the ears of Russia's president a voyage of discovery. Certainly, as the claims flared up,... Read More