SRC advice on pay talks with workers' unions is binding, court rules

Nairobi, May 13 -- The advice of the Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC) must be sought when public officers negotiate collective bargaining agreements (CBAs), the Court of Appeal has ruled. A... Read More

Help, my sister has an imaginary boyfriend

Nairobi, May 12 -- At the age of 31, my sister has an imaginary boyfriend called Albert. No member of the family has ever met him, but she insists that he exists and that they will get married soon! S... Read More

How to promote investments for green transition, net zero goal

Nairobi, May 12 -- The global goal of net zero by 2050 for greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions requires a radical shift in approach and thinking to achieve. As stakeholders across the public and private s... Read More

Establish a minimum cyber resilience standard to deal with emerging threats

Nairobi, May 12 -- As countries seek to enhance efficiency by adopting technology and scaling up opportunities in the digital economy, one of the key risks that is emerging is cybersecurity. There ha... Read More

Navigating the burden of proof in tax assessments and disputes

Nairobi, May 12 -- The burden of proof in tax cases is very different from criminal and civil cases. In criminal and civil cases, it is based on the popular latin maxim Affirmanti, non neganti, incumb... Read More

Fair markets key to food security

Nairobi, May 12 -- Tackling extreme concentrations in agriculture inputs and food markets in Africa is critical for sustainable development. This concentration prevails across the food value chain, fr... Read More

Committee saves Mithika Linturi's job in scandal over fake fertiliser

Nairobi, May 12 -- Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Mithika Linturi has been cleared of any wrongdoing in the scandal regarding the sale of fake fertiliser to farmers under the national government-sponso... Read More

Vodka, whisky prices to go up on higher levies

Nairobi, May 11 -- Beer consumers are set for a tax reprieve as the government moves to lower the excise levied on the product while slapping higher sin taxes on spirits, wine and cigarettes. The Fin... Read More

Tax exempt pension savings to rise to Sh30,000 per month

Nairobi, May 11 -- Savings of up to Sh30,000 per month in retirement benefit schemes will be exempted from tax if Parliament passes the proposal that seeks to raise the figure from the current Sh20,00... Read More

Motorcycles to cost more on 10 percent excise tax

Nairobi, May 11 -- Imported motorcycles costing Sh130,000 and above are set to become more expensive after the National Treasury proposed to raise excise duty on a two-tier system featuring the curren... Read More