Core inflation up to 4-year high on commodity prices

Nairobi, Feb. 2 -- Inflation covering goods and services outside of food and fuel has climbed to a four-year high of 4.3 percent in January, reflecting the pass-through effect of the high global commo... Read More

Kenyan tea earnings under threat as Egypt, Pakistan run out of forex

Nairobi, Feb. 2 -- Kenya is staring at a possible loss of foreign exchange earnings from tea as Egypt and Pakistan grapple with a serious scarcity of foreign currency in those markets that have seen s... Read More

Why life insurance is their best bet to build wealth

Nairobi, Feb. 2 -- Our workforce patterns are altering as older members of the Generation Z cohort enter the workforce. While they may not be considering financial investments since they have no sign... Read More

Explore all the options before costly carbon tax

Nairobi, Feb. 2 -- The plan to introduce a new tax for motorists and companies to curb carbon emissions is plausible but ill-timed. Under the plan, the State is seeking the introduction of a congesti... Read More

Ensure poor farmers get cheaper fertiliser

Nairobi, Feb. 2 -- As the State prepares to roll out the supply of subsidised fertiliser, it's critical that the commodity reaches small-scale farmers across the country. Previously, the subsidised f... Read More

Lessons from India's fast growth

Nairobi, Feb. 2 -- India is currently the fifth-largest economy in the World. It is ahead of Great Britain, which colonised the country for 89 years. Moreover, this South Asian nation is ambitious to... Read More

Finnish businesses ready and willing to be part of Kenya's success story

Nairobi, Feb. 2 -- Finland is known for its world-class technological innovations, effective education system and probably, for many, being ranked the happiest country in the world year after year. T... Read More

Thika is strategic to our economy; ring-fence its future growth now

Nairobi, Feb. 2 -- Just pulled off the Thika Superhighway en route to Thika. I am standing opposite what used to be Castle Breweries and looking west. High-rise residential units have lately mushroom... Read More

Preventive lawyering: The tool that cuts cost and gives competitive edge

Nairobi, Feb. 2 -- Prevention is better than cure so the adage goes. It sounds even better in Kiswahili where the wise men (and women?) of old said "usipoziba ufa utajenga ukuta". Translated, "If you... Read More

Drivers to pay daily congestion charge in war against pollution

Nairobi, Feb. 1 -- Motorists will pay a traffic congestion charge and companies hit with a new tax for every tonne of carbon emitted from their plants if a government proposal to protect the environme... Read More