Kenya secures Sh50bn for first electric bus lane

Nairobi, March 31 -- Kenya has secured Sh50 billion from a consortium of European agencies to build a dedicated electric bus lane in Nairobi as the country moves to deal with the congestion headache i... Read More

The ignored prophecy and downfall of society

Nairobi, March 31 -- Call it a legend, lore, a folk tale or a precise portrayal of pre-colonial Luo history, the Ghosts of the Lake illustrates a story well-known among many Luo people. Staged last S... Read More

President Ruto drops digital service tax against multinationals

Nairobi, March 31 -- President William Ruto has announced a plan by his government to scrap the 1.5 percent levy on digital services in a U-turn that will see Kenya adopt the contentious global framew... Read More

Tax cut reversals hit Old Mutual earnings

Nairobi, March 31 -- Insurance group Old Mutual Holdings has issued a profit warning for the year ended December 2022, citing the write-off of deferred tax assets. The firm said it anticipates its ea... Read More

Patrick Njoroge: CBK governor on move to downgrade economic outlook

Nairobi, March 31 -- Central Bank of Kenya Governor Patrick Njoroge held his post-Monetary Policy Committee press conference on Thursday, briefing journalists on the bank's decision to lift the benchm... Read More

Acorn property fund to pay Sh188m dividends

Nairobi, March 31 -- Property developer Acorn will pay shareholders Sh188 million in dividends after the profit from its student accommodation income real estate investment trust (I-Reit) rose by 30 p... Read More

Nega brings Ethiopian culture to life at Banana Hill

Nairobi, March 31 -- Nega Yilma crossed the border between Ethiopia and Kenya for the first time carrying just two paintbrushes. Not that he wouldn't need more than that to launch his career as a pai... Read More

Priscilla Gathungu on danger of the corner office

Nairobi, March 31 -- A chain with an 'L' pendant dangles from Priscilla Gathungu's (or PG's) neck. L is for Liam, her son. But it could also stand for many other things that she represents or represe... Read More

Telposta pension suffers Sh189m tenants' default

Nairobi, March 31 -- Telposta Pension Scheme has issued a three-month notice to over 100 residents occupying its properties in Nairobi's Kilimani and Makongeni estates to vacate, following rental arre... Read More

Why you will still pay more for that bread

Nairobi, March 31 -- Kenyans will continue paying more for wheat flour and bread despite a 30 percent decline in the global price of wheat as manufacturers say a weakening shilling has made the import... Read More