President Ruto calls emergency security chiefs meeting after chopper crash involving CDF Ogolla

Nairobi, April 18 -- President William Ruto has called an urgent meeting of senior security personnel at State House, Nairobi, following this afternoon's fatal crash of a helicopter believed to have h... Read More

Kenya has costliest fuel in East Africa despite latest price cut

Nairobi, April 18 -- Kenya has the most expensive fuel in the East African region even after the regulator cut pump prices by up to Sh10 a litre in the latest price review. A comparison by GlobalPetr... Read More

KDF chief Francis Ogolla involved in chopper crash

Nairobi, April 18 -- A Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) helicopter has crashed and caught fire in Sindar area on the border of West Pokot and Elgeyo Marakwet counties. The chopper was carrying Chief of Defe... Read More

Buyers turn to leeks on high onion prices

Nairobi, April 18 -- As the cost of red onions skyrockets to Sh200 per kilogramme, Kenyan consumers are turning to alternatives such as spring, white onions or leeks to manage their household budgets.... Read More

Rubis inks deal to operate National Oil in rescue plan

Nairobi, April 18 -- French oil multinational Rubis is set to become the strategic investor in National Oil Corporation of Kenya (NOC Kenya) in a deal aimed at reviving the struggling State-owned oil ... Read More

Shilling is gaining value, but don't expect it to last, expert says

Nairobi, April 17 -- Shortly after Kenya's 2022 elections, the shilling depreciated rapidly against the US dollar - the country's main currency for international transactions - fuelling a wave of poli... Read More

Mediation policy: Steps to cut costly risks arising from customer disputes

Nairobi, April 17 -- Customer complaints are very costly for any business and the best way to manage them is by using preventative measures to ensure they do not arise. Other than loss of time, a busi... Read More

How to attract investments for our startups amid fierce competition

Nairobi, April 17 -- Starting a new business can be an exciting journey, but it often requires financial support to turn ideas into reality. One of the crucial aspects of building a successful startup... Read More

Beyond lectures: Exploring new horizons in medical education

Nairobi, April 17 -- Medical education has indeed undergone significant evolution. In earlier traditional methods, instruction primarily centred on theoretical teachings, emphasising the memorisation ... Read More

Corporate change: Are you looking within in your transformation plan?

Nairobi, April 17 -- "Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself," wrote the Russian novelist, Leo Tolstoy. Taking the path of least resistance, it's much easier to ... Read More