Stop Kenya Airways' see-sawing strategy

Nairobi, March 28 -- News that the State is close to approving a new restructuring plan for Kenya Airways (KQ) to replace the one introduced by the previous administration is worrying. The State, as ... Read More

Yes! We can end TB, but we have to fill the diagnosis and funding gap

Nairobi, March 28 -- World Tuberculosis (TB) Day is marked on March 24 every year. But the truth is, we should be thinking about TB every day - especially in Africa. The World TB Day theme for 2023 i... Read More

This Easter holiday ensure your travel plans are insured

Nairobi, March 28 -- As the Easter holiday season approaches, many of us are making travel plans to spend time with family and friends. Whether it's a road trip to shagz, Mombasa or a beach vacation ... Read More

Want peaceful golden years? Mind your saving culture now

Nairobi, March 28 -- For nearly six decades, the National Social Security Fund (NSSF) has been a crucial component of social protection in Kenya as a contributory scheme that offers social security be... Read More

Is it wise to park my money in offshore stock markets?

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Putting cost of living in context

Nairobi, March 28 -- 'The Cost of Living' has become an issue that appears almost every day in our newspapers. Prices of unga, cooking oil, fuel and electricity among other essential commodities conti... Read More

Decentralisation key to supporting Kenya's digital economy start-ups

Nairobi, March 28 -- The Kenyan innovation ecosystem has matured as evidenced by favourable rankings on the 2021 Global Innovation Index and the Global Startup Ecosystem Index (GSEI). Global tech gia... Read More

Mail services firm raises charges 33pc

Nairobi, March 28 -- MPost -a service that turns mobile phones into formal postal addresses- has increased annual subscription charges by 33 percent effective immediately in response to high operating... Read More

KFS eyes Sh3.5 billion from trees as harvesting resumes

Nairobi, March 28 -- The Kenya Forest Service (KFS) targets to earn Sh3.5 billion this year when commercial harvesting of trees resumes in May. The Forestry Principal Secretary Ephantus Kimotho says ... Read More

Storm in NSSF tea cup as tender to restart

Nairobi, March 28 -- The Public Procurement Administrative Review Board (PPARB) has ordered NSSF to restart afresh the procurement process for the provision of staff tea. In a ruling in which the boa... Read More