New ownership good opportunity to reconfigure Turkana oil project

Nairobi, June 2 -- The withdrawal of two Turkana Oil joint venture partners, Africa Oil and TotalEnergies, who each held 25 percent ownership of the project, was not a surprise as they had announced t... Read More

The tragedy of education that's thin on producing top problem-solvers

Nairobi, June 2 -- A society collapses when its institutions become dysfunctional. Key among those institutions is education, whose failure to grasp society's architecture accelerates degeneration. I... Read More

Design better tools to deal with cost of living

Nairobi, June 2 -- Inflation is rising again after increasing marginally in May by 0.1 percentage point on soaring food, energy and transport costs, reversing a temporary decline. Data released on We... Read More

Kenya's 60 years via lens of writer

Nairobi, June 2 -- Kenya is 60 years old and I thought it was an opportune time to attempt a brief contemporary economic history of the country from the lens of a veteran scribe- a fly on the wall who... Read More

Issuing passports in days is within reach

Nairobi, June 2 -- The government's promise to issue new passports in seven days is a welcome relief for those travelling. It is important that Kithure Kindiki, the Interior Cabinet Secretary who made... Read More

Beware of value traps that look attractive but costly in the end

Nairobi, June 2 -- June 2, is the National Fish and Chip Day. Please allow me to share a fun fact about fish: did you know that fish are actually very smart and can learn? Fish will avoid situations ... Read More

Tackling mental health crisis

Nairobi, June 1 -- As a young boy in the village, I often met people who were considered mentally unstable. We knew them by name and treated them with kindness, as long as they did not pose a threat. ... Read More

Big shift in moving horticulture exports from air to sea freight

Nairobi, June 1 -- Kenya's horticulture industry is crucial to the nation's economy, with exports accounting for a significant portion of the sector's revenue and millions of people depend on these ex... Read More

Going digital: Unlocking Kenya's macroeconomic opportunities

Nairobi, June 1 -- Four years ago, the Kenyan government launched the Digital Economy Blueprint to empower citizens to live and thrive in a digitally enabled society. Since then, we have continued to... Read More

Why collaboration isthe new competition in town

Nairobi, June 1 -- I learnt a valuable lesson by observing business owners at a popular market in Karen. I noticed that each contributed a small amount of money at the end of each day for water supply... Read More