Artificial intelligence: Growth governance strategies that can work best in Africa

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Help, my niece has been wrist cutting

Nairobi, April 14 -- My 17-year-old niece cut her wrist for the fifth time this year. Our priest says she is demon-possessed, but I think a mental health specialist is a better option. How can I help ... Read More

Understanding the pillars of IFRS sustainability disclosure standards

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Moving when things are elephant

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How to unlock the full potentialof Kenya's not-for-profit sector

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Relief for motorists as fuel prices drop further

Nairobi, April 14 -- The shilling's strong rally against the dollar has helped lower pump prices by up to Sh10 a litre, even as murban crude globally increased, handing Kenyans reprieve at the pump. ... Read More

Why big deep-pocketed banks sought rescue loans from CBK

Nairobi, April 13 -- Large banks, including those with deep-pocketed multinational parents, were last year forced to seek rescue loans from the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK), pointing to a major liquidi... Read More

Six counties, Sh33bn unclear spending and auditor's adverse opinion

Nairobi, April 12 -- The Auditor-General has queried expenditure of Sh33.6 billion in six counties she ranked as worst performing on management of public finances, shedding light on the mess that coul... Read More

How Kenya Airways passengers lost Sh4.3 billion on ticket expiry breach

Nairobi, April 12 -- Kenya Airways customers lost Sh4.26 billion last year on failing to use their tickets within the allowed window. The airline discloses in the latest annual report covering the fi... Read More

Concern as 41pc of tea at Mombasa unsold

Nairobi, April 12 -- Over 41 percent of Kenya's tea taken to Mombasa sale in March went unsold, leaving sellers with a growing pile of unsold consignments. Data from the Africa Tea Brokers (ATB) show... Read More