Palo Alto Networks: US & Canadian corporate networks at risk

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Move over digital, make way for sustainabile transformation

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Asparia's chatbot for patient communication automation

U.K., Sept. 15 -- Saratoga, California-based healthcare technology company Asparia offers a chatbot to automate communication between patients and healthcare deliverers. The company, which was former... Read More

C3.ai to launch data-driven initiative to combat COVID-19

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Microsoft and bp partner to drive digital energy innovation

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Mastercard/Citi Retail/Wayfair launch co-brand credit card

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Widen: digital asset management - the secret sauce for M&A

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BAI Communications 2020 outlook: top 5G/smart city findings

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Microsoft: US election targeted by new cyberattacks

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The Mental Health Center of Denver: The human side of tech

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