Lalin's Column: Waiting for 'One Shot' or is it the guillotine

Sweden, Jan. 19 -- There was a revolutionary fervor, spirit and expectancy in SL when the new President took office in late 2019.It's gathering momentum furiously. Five years of gross incompetency, mi... Read More

Ranjan's Recordings: who on earth is the butt of the joke?

Sweden, Jan. 19 -- The voice recordings that do the rounds on the internet, which allegedly to have been made by Ranjan Ramanayke, the actor-turned parliamentarian, play into the hands of the cynical ... Read More

Who is this Subaskaran Allirajah?

Sweden, Jan. 19 -- Who is this Subaskaran Allirajah? 'Asian Tribune' welcomes your feedback on him, as we have decided to give evidence in the Presidential Commission, recently announced by the Sri La... Read More

Hindu Students on hunger strike hugely protesting Dhaka Mayoral poll on Saraswati Puja Day.

Dhaka | 18 January, Jan. 18 -- The Hindu students have been agitating for the deferment of the City Corporation poll day as Saraswati Puja is the second biggest festivals of Hindus in Bangladesh. On T... Read More

Various organizations should unite for early settlement of Naga issue, or else they will be missing a golden opportunity: RN Ravi

Sweden, Jan. 18 -- Nagaland Governor, RN Ravi expressed the importance of various organizations to come together for an early settlement of the longstanding Naga political issue. This was stated in hi... Read More

LTTE ideology/South Asia Militarization-advocate Lisa Curtis visits Sri Lanka

Washington, Jan. 17 -- This online daily was somewhat amused when Washington sent a Trump White House official who had a track record of being associated with the ideology of Sri Lanka's onetime separ... Read More

Handing over of new buildings for 5 schools in Northern province built under Indian Grant Assistance

Sweden, Jan. 16 -- A special event was held on January 15, 2020 at St. Henry's College, Ilavalai in Jaffna during which new school buildings constructed with Indian assistance in 5 schools in Northern... Read More

When Life Imitates Art

Sweden, Jan. 16 -- The movie 'Wag the Dog' was released a generation ago, one month before a presidential scandal which invited comparisons between that film and the reality of that time. Now, 23 year... Read More

It's politics amidst CAA row in northeast India

Sweden, Jan. 14 -- Defying the relentless protests by a number of organizations in the Brahmaputra valley of Assam, the Union government in New Delhi has lately imposed the citizenship amendment act 2... Read More

Niti Aayog must stop plan to privatize public health

Sweden, Jan. 14 -- In late November 2019 Khwahish Warsi, a daily wage earner who makes his living by making and selling 'dholaks', the Indian percussion instrument, who did not have one pelvic joint, ... Read More