Netherlands Grants Financial Assistances For The Construction Of Bridges & A National Vocational Training Institute

Colombo, Oct. 17 -- Two agreements were signed, on Thursday 10th October 2019, between the Government of Sri Lanka and Rabobank of the Netherlands amounting to EUR 70.7 million (Approximately Rs. 14.1... Read More

The divorce case of Imran Khan & Jemima

Sweden, Oct. 15 -- Countries in the SAARC organization are yearning for a leader for themselves in the caliber of Pakistani prime-minister, Imran Khan, to eradicate corruption in their countries. Now... Read More

Palaly Comes to life again

Sweden, Oct. 15 -- 17 October Sri Lanka is scheduled to re-open the Palaly Airport as its third international aerodrome. There will be many who will applaud and give praise for the refurbishment and u... Read More

Premadasa Shooting Himself on the Foot - Again

Sweden, Oct. 13 -- There are two ways to win a race. One way would be to practice and prepare for it. The other way would be to try and sabotage the opponent's chances. For nearly five years, what we ... Read More

Envoy Discussed with the Regional President for Employment Opportunities for Sri Lankans in Tigray Region in Ethiopia

Sweden, Oct. 13 -- The Asia Pacific Group of Ambassadors representing Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Sri Lanka had a 3-day visit to Mekelle, capital of the Tigray ... Read More

What Modi- Xi Meet Does Not Tell About The Chinese And Indian Tango?

Chennai, Oct. 13 -- Informal meets are a rarity between two formal regional powers, more so between two tea-drinking nations that comprise over 37% of the human population. The Modi-Xi informal meet i... Read More

The Han Supremacists of China: Part 2

Sweden, Oct. 13 -- Chairman Mao tried to sell the Marxist-Leninist thought to solve the ethnic problem in his multi-ethnic country (PRC). Not only did the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) fail but Mao's ... Read More

U.S. Government Dairy Project: Increases Milk Production and Raises Farmers' Income

Sweden, Oct. 12 -- U.S. Ambassador to Sri Lanka and Maldives Alaina B. Teplitz recently met with dairy farmers who are benefiting from a SLR 2.2 billion program ($14.1 million) called "Market-Oriented... Read More

Remarks by High Commissioner of India at Post Graduate Institute of Sciences- Research, University of Peradeniya

Sweden, Oct. 12 -- I am delighted to be here today in this beautiful, green campus of University of Peradeniya, the premier University in Sri Lanka, to inaugurate its annual Research Congress, RESCON ... Read More

Nobel Peace Prize 2019: Ethiopian Prime Minister Becomes the 100th Recipient

Sweden, Oct. 12 -- Abiy Ahmed, the Ethiopian prime minister, was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for 2019 by the Norwegian Nobel Committee on Friday for being instrumental in achieving peace and interna... Read More