Letters to the Editor: 17 July, 2019

India, July 17 -- It was a moment the country waited with bated breath but it came into cropper as ISRO postpones second moon mission at the eleventh hour. India's second mission to the Moon, Chandray... Read More

Corruption responsible for building collapse incidents

India, July 16 -- At least 10 people died, 8 got injured, and around 40 residents reportedly got trapped under the debris in south Mumbai's Dongri area after a 100-year-old four-storey building collap... Read More

BMC the never-ending mess

India, July 16 -- At least 10 people were killed, 8 got injured, and around 40 others were feared trapped under the debris of a four- storey building that collapsed in Mumbai's Dongri area on Tuesday ... Read More

Lion King's Scar to Gabbar and Bhallal Dev, meet the Biggest Villains of Indian cinema!

India, July 16 -- Villains in movies have always made watching a family entertainer, that much more exciting. The battle of good versus evil is a favourite one for viewers, and Hindi, as well as Holly... Read More

The Safest and Reliable Treatment for Slipped Disc

India, July 16 -- Slipped disc is a common problem, which affects approximately 1 per cent of the population at any given time. It usually affects people between the ages of 30 to 50 years. It is more... Read More

Who will succeed 14th Dalai Lama: Chinese Warning

India, July 16 -- A news item emanating from Lhasa in Tibet is disturbing for the current thaw in Sino-Indian relation. China wants that it will be Beijing that will decide on the successor of Tenzin ... Read More

India-Pakistan lift ban on each other's airlines

India, July 16 -- Pakistan has opened its airspace for all Indian airlines on Tuesday morning. Pakistan had imposed the ban on Indian flights that were not allowed to use its airspace since the Balako... Read More

Floods claim 15 lives in Assam, 43 lakh people affected

India, July 16 -- The Assam government has announced red alert due to floods. More than 43 lakh people have been affected in the state's 30 districts. Since last two days, 15 people have lost their li... Read More

Sachin Ahir seeks compensation for family of boy drowned at coastal road site

India, July 16 -- NCP Mumbai President Sachin Ahir has sought compensation for the 12-year-old boy's family who fell into a pit which was dug for the construction work of coastal road. He has also dem... Read More

Letters to the Editor: 16 July, 2019

India, July 16 -- Age old Congress party is facing leadership crisis and that continues to haunt the party very much. Though party seniors have shortlisted either Ashok Gehlot or Malikarjun Kharge for... Read More