BJP-Shiv Sena tussle in Maharashtra continues

India, Nov. 1 -- As Bharatiya Janata Party and Shiv Sena continue to lock horns over power-sharing in Maharashtra, Devendra Fadnavis could be the new Chief Minister as there are incorrigible whispers ... Read More

Maharashtra Ka CM Kaun?

India, Nov. 1 -- On Friday morning, Shiv Sena's Sanjay Raut posted a hard-hitting tweet stating. "Sahib, don't feed your arrogance.many Alexanders have drowned in the ocean of time," He believes that ... Read More

Credit goes to prolonged and heavy rains for cleanest Diwali air in city

India, Nov. 1 -- In the beginning of October, Mumbai hit headlines due to cutting of trees in Aarey Colony. Bombay High Court gave permission for this and on the very same day, government officials st... Read More

Don't become addicted to social media

India, Nov. 1 -- Social networking websites have become very popular nowadays. It has made the world a smaller place as one can connect with a large number of people. Thus geographical distance has be... Read More

Letters to the Editor: 01 November, 2019

India, Nov. 1 -- All Souls' Day which is celebrated by the Catholic Church on November 2 every year is a Christian festival that honours all Christian souls who have died. Many people visit the cemete... Read More

Manufacturing activity growth in India drops to 2-year low last month

India, Nov. 1 -- Manufacturing activity in the country continued to weaken in October, with factory orders and production rising at the weakest rates in two years, a monthly survey said on Friday. Th... Read More

100 new airports - BJP's new announcement after smart cities

India, Nov. 1 -- After 100 Smart city jumla, Narendra Modi government has promised to build 100 new airports. The government is planning to start 100 new airports within next five years, which seems n... Read More

Smart city plan is slowly walking into controversy

India, Oct. 31 -- After announcing 100 smart cities, BJP now announced its planning to open 100 additional airports by 2024, as part of a plan to revive economic growth in Asia's third-largest economy... Read More

Integrity: A way of life- Part II

India, Oct. 31 -- In this life we ??live, we face choices every day that can only be answered. We dictate how we live our lives, and the way we conduct them defines us. Integrity is doing the right th... Read More

Letters to the Editor: 31 October, 2019

India, Oct. 31 -- Politics should not just be about portfolios and power BJP with 105 MLA's in Maharashtra Assembly should have its very own Devendra Fadnavis as the Chief Minister for the next full ... Read More