'Need to increase Covid-19 testing in 10 most-affected states,' PM Modi tells CMs

India, Aug. 11 -- Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday said that there is a need to increase coronavirus testing in states where the testing rate is low and the positivity rate is high. He added th... Read More

Priyanka Gandhi slams Yogi govt on Bulandshahr incident

India, Aug. 11 -- Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra has slammed the Yogi Adityanath government over the Bulandshahr accident in which a US student was killed. The accident, which took ... Read More

World Tour' Poppy Doll - Removed from stores after Complaints that It Promotes Child Abuse

India, Aug. 10 -- One of the biggest movies of the year, the Poppy Doll was removed from the stalls. There was a tireless online campaign to remove such dolls and ban them. In fact, the Trolls: World ... Read More

Indian TV and Film industry has lost its moral or people have appetite for cheap entertainment?

India, Aug. 10 -- While going through social media accounts of TV and film industry actresses, you will see their display from skippiest cloths to bold video clips. Some go so nasty that they discuss ... Read More

Love marriages are not acceptable to many Indian families

India, Aug. 9 -- We get carried away by the philosophies of Love from movies, stories, and other random and non-descript springs. I know every young adult has the right to make his/her own choices whe... Read More

Story of a media rebel - Afternoon to Afternoon Voice

India, Aug. 8 -- Wouldn't realize how the 12 years have just passed by, my journey of Afternoon Voice is still fresh in my memory. This story started with a rebellious attempt. There was a publication... Read More

Raj Thackeray - A dark horse of Maharashtra politics

India, Aug. 8 -- I am born here and most of my childhood has gone in Girgaon. Late Pramod Navalkar, a Shiv Sena leader was my neighbor and mentor, rather he was the one who introduced me to journalism... Read More

Uddhav Thackeray had to tackle two enemies simultaneously, Corona and BJP

India, Aug. 8 -- For the time being, I shall give Uddhav Thackeray good marks because as a new ruler (first time minister and that too a CM from 28th Nov 2019), his introduction to administration has ... Read More

Thank You Readers: It's Successful 12 years of Journey and Together WE DID IT.

India, Aug. 8 -- We the Afternoon voices are 12 years old today. One long decade the publication stood against various challenges and sustained with the utmost integrity. Afternoon Voice is a tabloid ... Read More

Our Marathi daily 'Mumbai Manoos'

India, Aug. 7 -- Five years back we came up with our Marathi publication titled "Mumbai Manoos" (www.mumbaimanoos.com) an online edition. Mrs. Amruta Fadanvis, a versatile personality, a trained class... Read More