Assistant Foreign Minister Chen Xiaodong Meets with Charles Kayonga, Rwandan Ambassador to Leave

Dakar, Aug. 23 -- BEIJING, China, August 23, 2019/APO Group/ -- On August 20, 2019, Assistant Foreign Minister Chen Xiaodong met with Charles Kayonga, the Rwandan Ambassador to China who is to leave h... Read More

Alternatives to Irregular Migration: International Organization for Migration (IOM) Launches Vocational Training Programme for Gambians

Dakar, Aug. 23 -- BANJUL, Gambia, August 23, 2019/APO Group/ -- The lack of access to employment opportunities among Gambian youth is widely cited as a major contributing factor to irregular migration... Read More

School closures in West and Central Africa triple since 2017, as education comes under fire across the region

Dakar, Aug. 23 -- NEW YORK, United States of America, August 23, 2019/APO Group/ -- More than 1.9 million children have been forced out of school in West and Central Africa due to an upsurge in attack... Read More

Innovative Inclusive Approach to Strengthen Community Cohesion in Chad

Dakar, Aug. 23 -- DOBA, Chad, August 23, 2019/APO Group/ -- A robust flow of refugees and returnees from the Central African Republic to Chad has increased pressure on host communities, often leading ... Read More

Launch of the Advancing Economic Diversification in Ethiopia Project

Dakar, Aug. 23 -- ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia, August 23, 2019/APO Group/ -- By Michael Raynor Your Excellencies, It's a great pleasure and honor for me to be here this morning to highlight an important c... Read More

New High Commissioner to Seychelles Patrick Lynch presents credentials

Dakar, Aug. 23 -- VICTORIA, Seychelles, August 23, 2019/APO Group/ -- President Danny Faure and High Commissioner Patrick Lynch discussed the further strengthening of well-established bilateral ties b... Read More

UN Commission on Human Rights in South Sudan: Localization of conflict and unaddressed community grievances serve as barriers to sustainable peace

Dakar, Aug. 23 -- JUBA, South Sudan, August 23, 2019/APO Group/ -- Members of the UN Commission on Human Rights in South Sudan began their seventh field mission to South Sudan, Uganda, Ethiopia, and K... Read More

New push for peace in Gogrial, Tonj, Wau as area governors embark on grassroots implementation activities

Dakar, Aug. 23 -- JUBA, South Sudan, August 23, 2019/APO Group/ -- Governors of Gogrial, Tonj and Wau are leaving no stone unturned in their efforts to bring peace among their people, following a long... Read More

Tanzania: Second journalist arrested in a month must be released unconditionally

Dakar, Aug. 23 -- LONDON, United Kingdom, August 23, 2019/APO Group/ -- Responding to the arrest of journalist Joseph Gandye, who had been investigating allegations of brutality by the Tanzanian polic... Read More

Facebook celebrates 'Icons of Change' from across Sub-Saharan Africa with a Youth Gathering in Accra, Ghana

Dakar, Aug. 23 -- ACCRA, Ghana, August 23, 2019/APO Group/ -- Facebook ( www.facebook.com ) is bringing together 40 young leaders, developers, entrepreneurs and change makers from across Sub-Saharan A... Read More