Bahrain: death tally from COVID-19 reaches 108; 471 new cases

Manama, July 13 -- The Ministry of Health has confirmed total 108 deaths from the COVID-19 infection and the authorities detected 471 new cases. "Out of 9589 COVID-19 tests carried out on 12 July 202... Read More

Bahrain detects 500 new COVID-19 cases; among 303 are expats

Manama, July 8 -- The Ministry of Health Bahrain has reported that out of 9266 COVID-19 tests carried out on July 7, 500 new cases have been detected among 303 expatriate workers. The statistics show ... Read More

Bahrain: one step closer to convalescent plasma treatment

Manama, July 8 -- The Kingdom of Bahrain is one step closer on using convalescent plasma to treat the COVID-19 infections. Convalescent plasma is antibody-rich products that are collected from eligibl... Read More

Bahrain reports 83 per cent recovery rate from the COVID-19 infections

Manama, July 8 -- The Kingdom of Bahrain has recorded a recovery rate of 83 per cent from the COVID-19 infection, thanks to the medical protocols and effective treatment model of the country. Dr. Wal... Read More

R.Tulsian makes forays into Bahrain market

Manama, July 6 -- Multinational auditing firm R.Tulsian opened its regional headquarters in Bahrain in order to tap into the future growth in auditing, accounts and other related services. The compan... Read More

Gulf Air appoints a veteran aviation expert at a key post

Manama, July 6 -- Gulf Air, the national carrier of the Kingdom of Bahrain, has appointed Abdulrauf Meer Abdulrahim as Senior Manager Cabin Crew to manage one of the airline's key operational units an... Read More

ADIB records 99per cent of retail financial transactions digitally

Abu Dhabi, July 6 -- Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB), a leading financial institution, has reported a record surge in digital banking with 99% of retail financial transactions alone were carried out dig... Read More

Death tally from COVID-19 reaches 98; Bahrain reports 510 news cases

Manama, July 6 -- The Ministry of Health announced that out of 9801 of the COVID-19 tests carried out on July 5th, 2020, 510 new cases have been detected among 284 were expatriate workers. There were... Read More

Bahrain detects 447 new cases; 97 deaths from the COVID-19

Manama, July 5 -- The Ministry of Health announced 447 new COVID-19 cases on Saturday out of which 250 were expatriate workers. The total death tally from the pandemic has reached 97, according to the... Read More

IIFM rolls out French version of six standards for IFIs

Manama, July 2 -- Bahrain-based global standard setting body the International Islamic Financial Market (IIFM) has released French versions of six of its standards for Islamic Liquidity Management and... Read More