Innovative Approaches by Financial Institutions Can Make Crucial Difference to Those Affected by Gambling-Related Harms, New Report Reveals

India, March 1 -- The Multi-disciplinary Research Hub on the Prevention of Gambling Harms, under the leadership of Professor Julia Hornle and Dr Janelle Jones, has unveiled significant findings regard... Read More

Study: Side Effects of Large-Scale Forestation Could Decrease Carbon Removal Benefits by Up to a Third

India, Feb. 29 -- The side effects of large-scale forestation initiatives could reduce the CO2 removal benefits by up to a third, a pioneering study has found. The research, led by scientists at the ... Read More

Southampton Receives Millions to Lead UK's Semiconductor Initiatives

India, Feb. 29 -- Southampton will drive the future of new semiconductor technology after receiving millions of pounds of investment. Plans to launch two new centres to boost the UK's research and pr... Read More

Hero Vired Launches Special Scholarship Initiative #EmpowerHer ahead of International Women's Day

India, Feb. 29 -- National, 29 February 2024 - Hero Vired- a leading learntech start-up by the Hero Group, has announced the launch of its special scholarship initiative- #EmpowerHer, aimed at providi... Read More

mPokket's 8th Anniversary Celebrations Turn Green: Company Unveils CSR Plantation Drive

India, Feb. 29 -- As mPokket celebrated its 8th Anniversary, the Company highlighted its journey of empowering growth, innovation and community engagement. The digital lender remains focused on its co... Read More

PolyU's International Research Summer School Draws Global Talent to Pursue Research Studies in Hong Kong

India, Feb. 28 -- The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) is now accepting applications for its "International Research Summer School". Worldwide penultimate or final-year undergraduates and stud... Read More

PolyU Design Commences 60th Anniversary Celebrations with "Designing Time" Theme, Revealing Exciting Activities and Inviting Participation from All Sectors

India, Feb. 28 -- The Hong Kong Polytechnic University School of Design ("PolyU Design" or "the School") has been an important hub for design education and research in Hong Kong, offering quality unde... Read More

PolyU Launches International Summer School 2024 and Summer Institute 2024, Featuring Diverse Innovative Courses and Cultural Exchange Activities

India, Feb. 28 -- The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) will hold the International Summer School 2024 for undergraduate students and the Summer Institute 2024 for high school students from Jul... Read More

PolyU Unveils Research Centre for Electric Vehicles, Spearheading Smart EV Research Towards Carbon Neutrality Goals

India, Feb. 28 -- The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) hosted the "Launch Ceremony of Research Centre for Electric Vehicles cum Forum on Intelligent EV and Energy for Carbon Neutrality" on cam... Read More

CorDx Donates $3 Million to Drive Sustainable Energy Innovation at UC San Diego

India, Feb. 27 -- Through his company CorDx, entrepreneur and philanthropist Aiiso Yufeng Li (Jeff) and Dongdong Guo (Doreen) have pledged $3 million to the University of California San Diego Jacobs S... Read More