One swallow doesn't make a summer

Lahore, Feb. 18 -- Syed Mazhar Ali Shah. Though Modi has suffered a setback in the recent New Delhi's election, it would be premature to predict that his political party is going to meet the same fate... Read More

Monarchies are on the wane

Lahore, Jan. 29 -- Prince Harry has reportedly said he doesn't want to spend his life on the taxpayers' money and want to raise his family on his own earnings. He wants to shift to some other country ... Read More

Law of torts can checkmate yellow journalism

Lahore, Jan. 28 -- If the government thinks that some gentlemen of the Fourth Estate are spreading false stories about it or spreading despondency in the country which is detrimental to its stability,... Read More

Two important issues of public concern

Lahore, Jan. 27 -- One daily comes across news items to the effect that the Election Commission has suspended the membership of so and so because they have failed to submit declaration of their privat... Read More

Politicians want yesman police officer

Lahore, Jan. 25 -- It seems Sindh is a difficult place for the IGPs to work. The present IGP Sindh Kalim Imam too has fallen foul of PPP government there. In the not_too_distant past, one IGP by the n... Read More

Might is right

Lahore, Jan. 23 -- Seldom have the high and mighty ever got their just deserts in this country. Somehow or the other they manage to get away with their crime. They engage the highly paid lawyers with ... Read More

Self-praise is no recommendation

Lahore, Jan. 20 -- Self-praise is no recommendation. Trump suffers from narcissism for how else one can describe his statement that he deserved Nobel prize for his meritorious services in the cause of... Read More

Record needs to be set straight

Lahore, Jan. 18 -- Was sending foreign minister to Iran, Saudi Arabia and US really all that necessary?What was the big deal in it ?Aren't we a bit overconfident in our belief that the leaders of the ... Read More

Americans aren't afraid of corrupt leadership

Lahore, Jan. 17 -- Iran is not a nuclear power like Pakistan. It has a good army but not as trained and professionally sound as Pakistan's. The question is : how come then it bares it teeth to Washing... Read More

Vital national issues

Lahore, Jan. 9 -- The sudden transfer of IGP KPK was bound to raise many eyebrows .He was posted quite recently. Abrupt transfer of senior police officers engaged in important law and order duties wit... Read More