When will the guns in eastern DRC be silenced?

Tanzania, Jan. 22 -- Arusha. Last year, trouble flared up in eastern DR Congo, leading to lots of deaths. Diplomatic efforts to amicably resolve the crisis were immediately kicked into gear, though wi... Read More

New twist for EAC monetary body timeline

Tanzania, Jan. 18 -- Arusha. The East African Community (EAC) has issued a new date for the setting up of its monetary body that will spearhead the single currency project. This time around the regio... Read More

Why EAC is eager to admit Somalia to the regional bloc

Tanzania, Jan. 18 -- Arusha. After connecting the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean through the admission of DR Congo, the East African Community (EAC) is now eyeing one of the longest coastlines in... Read More

Researchers now race to stop new banana disease

Tanzania, Jan. 16 -- Arusha. Experts are racing against time to stop a new banana disease threatening one of the leading food staples in the country. Known as Fusarium wilt TR4 and first detected in ... Read More

Drought in the horn of Africa alarming

Tanzania, Jan. 16 -- Arusha. Experts have expressed concern over the prolonged drought that is currently ravaging the Horn of Africa. They say years of failed rains have led to massive displacement o... Read More

Why South African Frene Ginwala will be remembered in Tanzania

Tanzania, Jan. 15 -- Arusha. Memories may have faded but Dr Frene Ginwala, who breathed her last on Thursday, will still be remembered in Tanzania. She was one of the anti-apartheid activists who set... Read More

Why honeymoon is over for Arusha Mineral Centre

Tanzania, Jan. 15 -- Arusha. It was all smiles and joy one chilly morning in June 2019, when the facility swung its gates wide open to the public. That was during the official opening of the Arusha M... Read More

Smuggling claims could dent the Tanzanite trade

Tanzania, Jan. 14 -- Arusha. The once robust Tanzanite industry could be heading towards a slip following reported claims of rampant smuggling. Fears are that some buyers abroad may either stop buyin... Read More

Arusha back to business amid January cash crunch

Tanzania, Jan. 10 -- Arusha. Businesses reopened in Arusha yesterday amid a cash crunch after the long end-of-the- year festivities. Workers reported on duty in large numbers at institutions that clo... Read More

East Africa states fair badly in global peace index

Tanzania, Jan. 8 -- Arusha. The East African Community (EAC) bloc has fared poorly in the Global Peace Index (GPI) report for 2022. Two of its partner states, DR Congo and South Sudan, are ranked amo... Read More