Indian IFS officer K Nagaraj Naidu named to lead UN bureaucracy for a year

India, June 10 -- Indian Foreign Service (IFS) officer K Nagaraj Naidu was named chef de cabinet on Wednesday by the incoming UN general assembly president, Maldivian foreign minister Abdulla Shahid, ... Read More

Report says one in two Indian Americans has experienced discrimination

Washington, June 10 -- One in two Indian-Americans has reported experiencing some form of discrimination in the US over the course of a 12-month period, says a study released on Wednesday. The Indian... Read More

1 in 2 Indians faced bias in Trump's final year

Washington, June 10 -- One in two Indian Americans experienced some form of discrimination in the US over the course of a 12-month period, says a new survey-based study. And it's mostly over the colou... Read More

Indian-Americans regularly encounter discrimination: Survey

India, June 9 -- One in two Indian Americans have reported experiencing some form of discrimination in the United States over the course of 12-month period , says a new survey-based study released Wed... Read More

'US report concluded Covid-19 lab leak theory plausible'

India, June 9 -- A May 2020 study by a US government laboratory had concluded that the theory that the Covid-19 pandemic might have been caused by the coronavirus leaking from a virology lab in China'... Read More

There are certain fights you can win only by being cautious: Dr Ashutosh Tewari

India, June 8 -- Dr Ashutosh "Ash" Tewari, chair of the department of urology at Mount Sinai hospital in New York, has mobilised, collected and shipped crucial life-saving equipment to India, driven b... Read More

Trump back on stage, says China should pay reparations

Washington, June 7 -- Former US president Donald Trump has returned to public limelight with a speech in North Carolina in which he exhorted Republicans to gear up for the 2022 midterm elections, repe... Read More

Trump to remain banned from Facebook for two years

WASHINGTON, June 5 -- Facebook on Friday suspended former US president Donald Trump from its platform until at least January 2023, citing the "gravity of the circumstances" that had led to his initial... Read More

On Covid, how Delhi turned the wheels in DC

India, June 4 -- India is expected to land the largest chunk of the vaccines donated by the United States (US), according to the allocation plan announced by President Joe Biden. It has already receiv... Read More

US vaccine doses plan

Washington, June 4 -- The US will donate six million of its unused coronavirus vaccine doses to India, Mexico, Canada and South Korea, President Joe Biden said on Thursday, after which Vice President ... Read More