US justice dept finds no vote fraud, orders probe into 'cash for pardon' scheme

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Biden assembles administration as Trump cries foul in another call-in

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Trump says will leave White House, but under one condition

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America is ready to lead, says Biden as he unveils his foreign policy team

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Trump relents finally, tells officials to cooperate with Biden transition team

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Anthony Blinken, likely secretary of state, is positive on US-India ties

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Trump skips G20 session on Covid-19 to play golf

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Trump's attempts to overturn poll outcome fail, Biden forges ahead

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Top US officials refute Trump's poll fraud allegations

India, Nov. 13 -- Top US poll and security officials on Thursday said the November 3 election was "the most secure in American history," refuting President Donald Trump's allegations of fraud and irre... Read More

Biden names chief of staff, signals reliance on trusted, moderate aides

India, Nov. 12 -- US President-elect Joe Biden has named Ron Klain, a decades-long associate, as his chief of staff, signalling he will rely on a close circle of known and trusted aides, all moderates... Read More