Rice procurement gets lukewarm response

Dhaka, Nov. 28 -- Rice procurement during this Aman season is facing a setback due to higher prices of the staple in the mainstream market than that of the government's asking rate. The lower price o... Read More

Paddy price stays at peak even amid Aman harvest

Dhaka, Nov. 13 -- Paddy prices hit record highs even though Aman harvest gets underway across Bangladesh with coarse varieties selling at Tk 30-32 a kilogram, giving insiders to presume that rice may ... Read More

Sugar market still freak

Dhaka, Oct. 23 -- Sugar market remained volatile for consecutive three days as of Saturday despite random drives by government agencies across the country. The essential was sold at Tk 100-120 in dif... Read More

Sugar market volatile due to 'low output, import'

Dhaka, Oct. 22 -- The country's sugar market has become volatile, as prices of the essential shot up to Tk 100-120 a kg, rising Tk 10-20 a kg in only four days, amid decline in refineries' output and ... Read More

Onion dearer amid record output, cheaper imports

Dhaka, Oct. 18 -- Onion prices have witnessed a notable hike in the last three days after remaining steady for almost two months raising consumer woes further. But the spice has showed a Tk 5.0-15 or... Read More

No let-up in essentials' price hike

Dhaka, Oct. 16 -- Many more essential food items, including flour, chickens, egg, fish, onion, vegetables and ginger, became dearer last week further battering the commoners, already hit hard by the p... Read More

Use of new cropping patterns by FY '25

Dhaka, Oct. 14 -- Bangladesh is going to appropriate new cropping patterns for its agro-ecological zones to boost rice output by 3.3-million tonnes and cut edible-oil imports by 50 per cent within 202... Read More

Global rice prices hit 18-month high

Dhaka, Oct. 11 -- Global rice prices have spiked notably in recent months, raising further concern for Bangladesh which is in quest of 1.10 million tonnes of the staple from global sources, said insid... Read More

Q1 sees sharp fall in wheat import

Dhaka, Oct. 9 -- Import of the second staple food, wheat, witnessed a drastic fall in the first quarter (July-September) of the current fiscal year, raising concern over the country's food security in... Read More

30,000 complaints against e-commerce entities

Dhaka, Oct. 6 -- Service quality of the country's e-commerce entities has regularly been deteriorating as around 30,000 complaints have been lodged with the government agency concerned in the last few... Read More