Weekly Kitchen Market: No respite from dear essentials

Dhaka, March 11 -- Beef, chicken, onion, tomato and other vegetables have become pricier again in a week, augmenting woes of the commoners further ahead of the approaching Ramadan. Broiler chicken re... Read More

Protein sources get even far pricier

Dhaka, Feb. 21 -- The prices of comparatively cheaper sources of protein witnessed further hike in a week, forcing the commoners and limited-income groups to substantially cut intake. The animal-and ... Read More

Prices rise capriciously above commoners' reach

Dhaka, Feb. 17 -- Most necessaries cost higher and many drop protein from menu as prices rise capriciously above commoners' reach, market surveys show amid steep inflation at home. Consumers see litt... Read More

Inflation bites book and flower business

Dhaka, Feb. 13 -- The publishing industry and flower business are hard hit this year, primarily because of inflationary pressure and the Covid-19 pandemic that is now on the retreat. Among the items t... Read More

Cooking oil still dear

Dhaka, Feb. 12 -- Major soybean refiners are divesting customers by selling edible oil more exorbitantly than the government-fixed rates, according to consumers and groceries. "A majority of city gro... Read More

Fish now starts rocketing on pricey meat

Dhaka, Feb. 10 -- Fish prices, especially of cultured ones, were going beyond commoners' reach following an uptrend in rates of broiler chicken and other meat. Cultured pangas, koi, tilapia, ruhi, ka... Read More

Aromatic rice price soars to record high

Dhaka, Feb. 8 -- The country's leading food sector companies raised local aromatic rice price to a record high, as maximum retail price (MRP) of Chinigura reached Tk 170 a kg in the capital this month... Read More

Global rice prices hit 12-year high in Jan: FAO

Dhaka, Feb. 4 -- The world rice prices hit a 12-year high in January 2023, raising further concern for the importing countries, according to a latest report of the Food and Agriculture Organisation of... Read More

Spices astronomical long before Ramadan

Dhaka, Feb. 3 -- Most of the spices have gone up in price exorbitantly in a week as traders are on the prowl to raise costs of the items long before Ramadan. Traders keep on citing low imports amid d... Read More

Bread becomes costly as wheat acreage shrinks

Dhaka, Jan. 31 -- Flour products become too costly in Bangladesh as the country's wheat acreage loses out to corn, litchi, mango and tea gardens while global supplies wobble amid 'price war'. Farmers... Read More