Perpetuuiti's autonomous RPA and AI operations platform

UK, Sept. 16 -- Perpetuuiti Technosoft is a provider of intelligent enterprise automation focused on enabling digital transformation for customers. Founded in 2011, it utilises technology such as art... Read More

Asparia's chatbot for patient communication automation

U.K., Sept. 15 -- Saratoga, California-based healthcare technology company Asparia offers a chatbot to automate communication between patients and healthcare deliverers. The company, which was former... Read More

DC BLOX: serving locally, connecting globally

U.S., Aug. 10 -- DC BLOX was established in 2014 to provide data centres to markets with a distinct, but unfulfilled, need for them. "I've been the CEO of DC BLOX for about three years now," says Jeff... Read More

Mircom Group's digital transformation of real estate

U.S., Aug. 6 -- "We work hard every day to modernize the real estate industry, which from a technology standpoint hasn't changed as much as other industries in the last 50 to 100 years," says Jason Fa... Read More

ANA Therapeutics $5mn seed round for COVID-19 treatment

U.K., Aug. 5 -- ANA Therapeutics is a Silicon Valley, California-based biotech company developing a coronavirus vaccine. Founded earlier this year, the company has announced that the US Food and Dru... Read More

UK to deploy 90-minute rapid COVID-19 tests

U.K., Aug. 4 -- The UK government has announced it is to deliver "millions" of rapid coronavirus tests in the UK, in order to help reduce the spread of COVID-19. The tests will be available in NHS ho... Read More

Lemonaid Health's telehealth platform for remote healthcare

U.K., Aug. 3 -- San Francisco, California-based Lemonaid Health provides telemedicine services and prescription drug delivery in the US. The company's platform features physicians augmented with the ... Read More

Heal's telemedicine attracts $100mn investment from Humana

U.K., Aug. 2 -- Heal is a Los Angeles, California-based house call and telemedicine primary care provider. Heal has delivered over 200,000 home calls in the last five years, while supplementing its o... Read More

Sema4's data analysis health intelligence platform

U.K., July 30 -- Sema4 is a Stamford, Connecticut-based healthcare intelligence company, using data analysis to help improve the diagnosis and treatment of disease. The company says its mission is to... Read More

Geltor's tailored protein biodesign platform

U.k., July 29 -- Geltor is a San Leandro, California-based "biodesign" company, making animal-free proteins for consumer products. Examples are the collagen and elastin found in beauty, food and beve... Read More