Swiggy delivery agent tries scamming customer in Gurgaon, becomes aggressive when denied money

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Ex-US Navy officer warns of unidentified submarine objects, says it could be a 'threat'

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Woman calls herself 'bad mom', her daughter's reply to it wins the Internet. Watch

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Viral brain teaser: Will you be able to tell who the smartest primate out of the 3 monkeys is?

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'Science meets reality': Indie dog interacts with robot dog, netizens share mixed reactions

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'World's longest dosa' in Bengaluru: 75 chefs unite to create 123-foot marvel. Watch

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How a US woman's selfie led to the discovery of a benign but aggressive tumour in her brain

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Southwest Airlines pilot wins hearts after making special announcement for his young daughter. Watch

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At Dell, those preferring to work from home will not be promoted. Here's what the company said

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Delhi's 'Dolma Aunty Momos' wins trademark battle against UP man. Here's what High Court said

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