Swedish photographer bags Underwater Photographer of the Year 2024 for stunning image of Whale Bones

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Nebraska zoo finds 70 coins in alligator's stomach, netizens react

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Family occupies a passenger's seat on a train, RPF steps in to help

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Edelweiss MF MD Radhika Gupta 'cheers' for a new India at Harvard Business School. See pics

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Street vendor tops samosa with manchurian, netizens call it a 'disaster'

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Viral brain teaser: What's dirty when it's white, clean when it's black?

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Viral: Man reviews food served on Vande Bharat Express, tags Ashwini Vaishnaw

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Can you spot a 'cat's tail' in this planetary system located 63 light-years from the Earth? See pic

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Southwest Airlines passenger sits right behind another man on near-empty flight, sparks debate on X

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What is the Dorito theory and how does it reveal people's unhealthy habits? Explained

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