Chunakhali: A Budget-Friendly Getaway from Kolkata

Delhi, Jan. 18 -- Known for its fishing farms, Chunakhali is an unassuming village, on the bank of the Hana River. Less than 100km from Kolkata, the village is known for its salt water fish harvesting... Read More

Have you Been to this Fossil Park near Shantiniketan?

Delhi, Jan. 18 -- Amkhoi, a village tucked inside a forested zone of Birbhum district in West Bengal, not far from Bolpur (gateway to Shantiniketan and the university founded by Nobel Laureate poet Ra... Read More

Dwarhatta: A Weekend Destination from Kolkata

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An Architecture Trail Following the Legacy of Architect Louis Kahn

Delhi, Jan. 4 -- Famous as someone who would 'talk to bricks', Louis I Kahn (1901 to 1974) has left a trail of uniquely designed buildings known for their aesthetics and designs. Born Itze-Leib Schmui... Read More

BucketList2021: The Painted Havelis of Mandawa

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7 Emerging Travel Trends for 2021

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How to Celebrate New Year's, Kolkata Style

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Bow Barracks: Kolkata's Christmas Secret

Delhi, Dec. 25 -- "Look at Santa Claus dancing," the merry voice of a few children rang out over the noise of the crowd and the music. It was a hilarious sight indeed. Standing on the small flat area ... Read More

A Tram Depot in Kolkata Transforms into a Museum

Delhi, Dec. 22 -- On December 22, 1880, the Calcutta Tramways Company (CTC) was registered in London. Ever since, the tramcars have been symbolic of Kolkata (formerly Calcutta) and is the only city wh... Read More

Blow Away the Pandemic Blues with Luxury Cruises on the Ganga

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