Freedom fighters' shelter Sen Bari: Octogenarian Chhobi Sen's pride, and pique

Dhaka, April 17 -- Joishthapura village, some 10 kilometres north-east from the main town of Boalkhali Upazila in Chattogram, is nestled among hills and a river. This serene setting provided a safe ha... Read More

Money was saved to marry daughters off, pay for surgery. Families lose everything in Chattogram slum fire

Dhaka, April 16 -- Sohagi Das stood on a pile of burnt-down bamboo and tin sheets, the remnants of the shanty she once called home. "My younger daughter's wedding was scheduled to be held in Baishakh... Read More

Eid cheer returns to homes of freed MV Abdullah sailors

Dhaka, April 14 -- Eid day came and went, but there were no festivities at the homes of the MV Abdullah sailors who had been taken hostage by Somali pirates. Their families instead waited, anxiously, ... Read More

Son mourns dentist killed in Chattogram youth gang attack

Dhaka, April 12 -- Ali Reza, a student who recently passed Fazil exams from a madrasa, left home to buy Iftar in the Feroz Shah Colony area of Chattogram on Apr 5. His father Korban Ali, a dentist, al... Read More

No customers at Thanchi Bazar a day after bank robberies

Dhaka, April 4 -- The armed bank robberies in Bandarban's Thanchi have spurred fear among the locals and streets seemed empty one day after the attack. The shops opened on Thursday morning in Thanchi... Read More

Daring bank robberies leave streets deserted, shops closed in Thanchi

Dhaka, April 4 -- The streets of Thanchi in Bandarban are eerily quiet and deserted since the armed bank robberies in broad daylight ahead of Eid-ul-Fitr, with most of the shops in the Upazila closed.... Read More

Parents bought Sukhi a new dress. The 7-year-old's raped body is found days before Eid

Dhaka, April 3 -- Nasrin Sukhi was supposed to travel to her ancestral village in Cumilla from Chattogram to celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr. "We bought dresses for everyone. Sukhi was also delighted to have t... Read More

Police arrest man for hitting child with iron rod in Chattogram

Dhaka, Feb. 21 -- Police have arrested a man in Chattogram for allegedly hitting a child with an iron rod.Jahed Ullah Bin Khaled, 42, was apprehended in the port city's Askar Dighir Par area in connec... Read More