Talk to your children

Nepal, March 16 -- Remember the time you uttered nonsensical "goo-goo-gaa- gaa" to your newborn baby while tickling their hands or feet, and your happiness, when your baby giggled back almost like res... Read More

Setting right expectation

Nepal, March 2 -- We have a tendency to compare our children with those of others. We see others' children better than ours. That's not fair Setting high expectations for our children is quite common... Read More

Season of love

Nepal, Feb. 16 -- Learning to love or share love is a virtue. Loving and learning to love does not need to be prompted by Valentine's Day February comes forth as a month of romance for everyone. It b... Read More

Those Saraswati pujas

Nepal, Feb. 10 -- As little children we had no idea why Saraswati Puja was celebrated. We thought doing so would bring us good grades in the exams The other day I was turning the pages of my album of... Read More

Memories of Jatra

Nepal, Jan. 19 -- Every Jatra had an allegorical figure called Bibek who commented on actions of actors and their consequences I can see a few raised eyebrows just reading the word Jatra. Some might ... Read More

Give them love and respect

Nepal, Jan. 5 -- Lessons you learn from caring children and elderly are far more enriching than what you learn during school and university studies combined Old age is a fascinating subject.There are... Read More