Bapu as a muse

India, Oct. 27 -- Traversing an odyssey of the prophet of disobedience who came to be known as a Mahatma, author and indologist Sumathi Ramaswamy's book, Gandhi in the Gallery: The Art of Disobedience... Read More

The Durga quartet

India, Oct. 19 -- Durga, also known as Devi or Shakti, is more than the symbol you see in pandals. This warrior goddess, atop her vahana or a lion, often carrying weapons, is seen as a manifestation o... Read More

Corona paints a bleak picture

India, Sept. 25 -- The pandemic has brought the art world to its knees. The silence is ominous and the webinars and online propaganda are somewhat stifling when you think of how suddenly it is only ab... Read More

The modern master

India, Sept. 22 -- Bringing alive the timeless French song, La Mer by Charles Trenet, a painting by artist VS Gaitonde, in a suffusion of green, showcasing the softness and gentility of the sand, is r... Read More

Paper town

India, Sept. 19 -- Last month, I discovered the power of paper in the hands of an artist sculptor. I was looking at a lantern. One that was sliced vertically and had a surreal flavour. Suddenly, the o... Read More

Tales of the divine

India, Sept. 1 -- Lockdown unravelled the brilliance of artist Santosh Chikanna who lives in Bidar, Karnataka. It was his Holy Cow series that caught my gaze. It is an amazing composition, where the d... Read More

An unusual canvas

India, Aug. 27 -- Artist Ganesh Pyne's jottings in his series of five works, titled, Looking West, make one delve into the intellectual understanding of artistic minds. His works have the power to int... Read More

A shade of nostalgia

India, Aug. 20 -- The Wallace Collection in London hosts Forgotten Masters: Indian Paintings for the East India Company, curated by award-winning historian, William Dalrymple. The exhibition, which ro... Read More

Lockdown realisations

India, Aug. 8 -- Artist Devidas Agase has got quite a following on his Instagram account. And why not? His works seem to be extremely intriguing. They take us back to the imagery from the medieval age... Read More

A secluded way of life

India, July 28 -- More than 20 years ago, photographer Prabir Purkayastha of Ladakh fame started capturing his village in Assam. Verdant virgin forests shimmered under the monsoon clouds, the sun rays... Read More