More than just a job

Nepal, Feb. 21 -- Apart from Thamel and Freak Street in Kathmandu, Lakeside in Pokhara also houses several chic and modern tattoo parlors where people from all over the world come and get inked. But w... Read More

Making music that resonates

Nepal, Feb. 21 -- In recent times, the Nepali music scene has seen a rise in indie, lo-fi songs/music created by urban youths. These songs are often independently produced and tend to be more personal... Read More

Teaching a sport and sportsmanship

Nepal, Feb. 14 -- Nikesh Rai has been playing basketball for over a decade. And he confesses that there's nothing about it that he doesn't love. He loves every aspect of it-the training, the actual ga... Read More

The good life

Nepal, Feb. 7 -- If you are one of those "Architectural Digest" fanatics binging through each and every celebrity home tour, then you are probably already familiar with luxury living-at least on the s... Read More

Fleabag is witty and relatable, albeit bit depressing

Nepal, Feb. 7 -- Deciding to watch a series requires a serious investment of time. You have to wait for episodes to show up on Netlfix or the television, and if the show becomes popular, producers mak... Read More

Not shy or anti-social, just an introvert

Nepal, Jan. 31 -- Sugam Thapa, second-year student at KUSOM, dreads presentations, especially if they're group presentations. She would rather present her ideas to a teacher individually, preferably s... Read More

Movies that capture the essence of Greek tragedies

Nepal, Jan. 31 -- Greek tragedy is an art form that reached its peak during the Greek Golden Age of the fifth century and influences literature even in the present day. Initially, tragedy was a term t... Read More

An intense yet calming watch

Nepal, Jan. 24 -- After I watched Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter...and Spring and finally sat down to write the review, I paused for a while. The message I received from it was so simple yet profound th... Read More

Giving newly-born kittens a home

Nepal, Jan. 17 -- Generally, people have a divided opinion on cats. Some think they are clean and wonderful as pets while others think they bring bad luck or are too selfish. And while we find a lot o... Read More

Sexual harassment at the workplace

Nepal, Jan. 10 -- Deepika Paudel, senior accountant assistant at Nepal Airlines, says she feels pretty safe at her workplace. There are cameras installed in several places around her office and, accor... Read More