The weight of criticism

Kathmandu, June 21 -- The recent arrest of comedian Pranesh Gautam for posting a movie review of "Bir Bikram 2" on YouTube has been the reason of many discussions and debates. The arrest, acted out on... Read More

Styling dhaka

Kathmandu, June 14 -- The use of Dhaka in clothes - be it kurtis, saris, or even gowns - has become really popular in the recent times. With a lot of people finally waking up to see and appreciate the... Read More

Embracing differences

Kathmandu, June 14 -- In the book The Stranger by Albert Camus, the protagonist, a man named Meursault, is sentenced to death essentially for being not sad enough about his mother dying. He is conside... Read More

Too good to be true

Kathmandu, June 14 -- Amelie is a 2001 film that the world knows of as that one "French film" everyone has probably watched at some point in his/her life. Its main characteristic is that it's so unden... Read More

Post winter blues

Kathmandu, June 7 -- The last episode of Game of Thrones aired on May 19, 2019 and it marked an end of a show that had been in the center of pop culture for almost a decade. The show first caught peop... Read More

The love for patterns

Kathmandu, June 7 -- Mandala is a spiritual symbol special to Hinduism and Buddhism. Mandala literally means "circle" in Sanskrit and it is seen in religious texts and architecture in most regions of ... Read More

The art of perseverance

Nepal, May 31 -- Lhakpa Phuti Sherpa was born in 1964 in Mushey village of Solukhumbu district, Nepal. As a child she would see tourists pass through her village in order to climb various mountains an... Read More

A taste of Japan

Nepal, May 31 -- Tucked away in a quite corner at Freak street in Basantapur is probably one of the best Japanese food serving stations in town. Japanese Food Takoyaki SOLO has been serving authentic ... Read More

The age of jazz

Nepal, May 31 -- Improvisation is an important and necessary part of jazz. The fact that jazz makes allowances for any artist to give their own touches to the music adds a certain appeal to the musica... Read More

Films that tackle mental health

Kathmandu, May 24 -- Mental health awareness may have been a subject of taboo a few decades ago but thanks to mainstream media, books as well as people coming out and sharing their experiences about i... Read More