Amazingly Affordable Athleisure

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Amazing apparel

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Won't watch my words

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Exploring the world of art

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Reaching out through doodles

Nepal, March 1 -- When the 2015 earthquake hit Nepal, Julia Bajracharya Dahal was just minutes away from climbing the Dharahara. "I was walking behind the Dharahara with my friend when it fell," she s... Read More

Celebrating women in Nepali music

Nepal, March 1 -- Nepali adhunik geet has always had a devoted audience across the country, albeit a smaller one than popular music. While one can hear and see the songs and videos on radio or TV, the... Read More

A lovely place to laze about.and eat

Nepal, March 1 -- Entrepreneurs Kitan S Pradhananga and Niraj Pradhan wanted to get into the restaurant business but they didn't want to open just 'another' restaurant. They wanted their eatery to ref... Read More

Artistic aspirations

Nepal, Feb. 22 -- As a child, Rochelle Tuladhar, now 23 years old, dreamt of becoming a nurse. However, when she received a big box of color pencils as a birthday gift, her plans took another turn. Fr... Read More

For the love of classical music

Nepal, Feb. 22 -- Every evening at the Pashupatinath temple one can see hundreds of people sitting on the stone steps facing the banks of the river Bagmati waiting for the aarati to start. The light f... Read More

The thrill of mountain biking

Nepal, Feb. 15 -- Bike racing is a sport that is believed to have a lot of scope in Nepal. It's considered an epitome of adventurous sports with its history dating back to the 1890s. However, it's onl... Read More