Tiger poacher gets 7 years jail

Kathmandu, May 7 -- Nearly a year after he was arrested, the ringleader of a notorious wildlife smuggling network, Kunjok Lama, has been served seven years in jail and fined Rs100,000by a court in Nep... Read More

Nepal court finds wildlife smuggler guilty

Kathmandu, April 27 -- A district court in Rasuwa has finally found a notorious wildlife trafficker guilty, nearly a year after he was arrested in Kathmandu. Kunjok Lama, originally from Humla, had b... Read More

No winners in latest Nepal political twist

Kathmandu, March 7 -- Photos: AMIT MACHAMASI As the House sat for the first time in two months, there was confusion about whether MPs of the NCP were in the ruling party or the opposition. Dahal call... Read More

CCMC's serious infringement of citizen privacy

Kathmandu, March 4 -- Supreme Court JudgeSapnaPradhanMallawas cominghome from New Delhi on Wednesday afternoon but the details of her flight were publicly available even before she landed attheKathman... Read More

Supreme Court puts Nepal politics back on track

Kathmandu, Feb. 23 -- The Constitutional Bench of Nepal's Supreme Court ruled on Tuesday that a prime minister with a majority in Parliament did not have the authority to dissolve it, ending two month... Read More