'Art is a medium that allows me to express in a way that is beyond text. I find that liberating'

Nepal, Aug. 17 -- It was in 2006 that Tenzin Doma Lama first realised what a powerful medium art is. She had seen Picasso's 'Guernica', which poignantly portrayed humankind's dark side, and it made he... Read More

A dance for diversity and acceptance

Nepal, Aug. 11 -- It is mid-afternoon, and the top floor room of Blue Diamond Society's Care and Support building in Kursanitar, Lazimpat, is scalding hot. The room's corrugated iron walls and roof ha... Read More

Living with nomads

Nepal, Aug. 9 -- Just 10 minutes after leaving the village of Chung Jung, the trail climbed up slightly and then bent behind a hill. The village vanished from view, and the occasional sounds of motorc... Read More

Time in Lwang, with my two-year-old nephew

Nepal, July 26 -- When we reach Milan Chowk, a tiny town to the northeast of Pokhara, at 8am to catch a jeep to Lwang village, we are told the only jeep to the village leaves at 1pm. But a stout cheer... Read More

This social enterprise is tackling malnutrition, one bead at a time

Kathmandu, June 24 -- In a video posted two years ago on a Facebook page called Youth for Nutrition, Arbun Khatun, mother of an eight-month-old child, is shown wearing a colourful Nutribeads bracelet.... Read More

A plethora of short hikes and sweeping views await visitors to Chhaimale

Kathmandu, June 21 -- By the time I reached the Chhaimale Resort, the only resort in the village of Chhaimale, it was already noon. I had been riding for almost an hour and a half. It was a hot day, a... Read More

From high fashion in New York to providing solutions to Kathmandu's pollution

Kathmandu, June 3 -- Tashi Gyalzen Sherpa never leaves home without his palm-sized air pollution monitoring device. On his iPhone, he has four apps that give him timely updates on the level of air pol... Read More

An antibiotic apocalypse is coming and Nepal is not ready for it

Kathmandu, June 1 -- When Dawa Gurung started feeling an almost unbearable pain in her abdomen and a burning sensation whenever she urinated, she knew her urinary tract infection had returned. But sin... Read More

Crawling towards Markhu

Markhu, May 31 -- There are several roads that you can take to reach Markhu village from Kathmandu. The one that offers the best road conditions is the Pharping-Phakhel-Kulekhani route, and it remains... Read More