Pakistan's 'youngest' YouTuber Shiraz sits on PM Shehbaz Sharif's chair while meeting him. Watch their sweet interaction

India, March 29 -- Pakistan's 'youngest' vlogger and YouTuber, Shiraz, who recently received his YouTube silver play button, has shared a video of him meeting the country's PM Shehbaz Sharif. In the v... Read More

KSRTC bus conductor charges rRs.r444 for parrots 'travelling' from Bengaluru To Mysore. Here's why

India, March 29 -- A Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) bus conductor issued tickets amounting to Rs.444 for four parrots. As per reports, the incident occurred on a bus from Bengaluru... Read More

Man stops car on busy flyover, holds up traffic to record Instagram reel. People urge Delhi Police to take strict action

India, March 29 -- A video of a man brazenly disrupting traffic on a Delhi flyover to film an Instagram Reel was shared on social media. The clip has sparked anger among people, and many tagged the po... Read More

Viral video: Man turns IndiGo flight attendant's signature into beautiful artwork

India, March 29 -- Rabin Bar, whose Instagram bio says he is a record-holder speed painter, shared a video that has left people surprised. It shows him turning the signature of an IndiGo flight attend... Read More

Air India fires pilot who was caught drunk after operating international flight from Phuket to India

India, March 28 -- Air India has sacked a pilot who was found drunk after operating an international flight from Phuket to India. As per reports, the pilot was given a breathalyser (BA) test after arr... Read More

Did Aakash Chopra slam Hardik Pandya's captaincy as the 'worst'? Commentator fact-checks viral post

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Controversial door prop from Titanic film that kept Rose afloat sold for over rRs.r5.8 crore

India, March 28 -- The piece of wood that became a source of consistent debates among fans of the film Titanic was sold for over $700,000 (approx. Rs.5.8 crore) at a memorabilia auction. The debate ar... Read More

North Korea censors British gardening show host Alan Titchmarsh's trousers. Here's why

India, March 28 -- North Korea's state television channel censored the trousers of the host while airing a British gardening show. Presenter Alan Titchmarsh's legwear was blurred to ensure that the vi... Read More

Google Maps Street View driver who crashed into creek after leading cops on dangerous chase pleads guilty

India, March 28 -- A Google Maps Street View driver who led police officers on a high-speed chase before crashing into an Indiana creek has pleaded guilty. During the incident, about seven months ago,... Read More

Pregnant entrepreneur faces jail time for writing a scathing review of tomato puree. Here's what happened

India, March 28 -- A pregnant woman is at the risk of facing jail time after writing a negative review about a can of tomato puree. As per reports, the manufacturer of the product accused her of makin... Read More