Apple faces severe backlash over 'destructive' iPad ad shared by CEO Tim Cook on X: 'Worst. Commercial. Ever'

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Dad who made 6-year-old run on treadmill allegedly left son alone as doctors fought to save him

India, May 9 -- A video of a dad forcing his six-year-old son to run on a treadmill despite the kid tripping and falling shattered people's hearts. The dad in question, Christopher Gregor, is facing t... Read More

Chinese woman pushed off cliff by husband when pregnant returns to the scene after 5 years

India, May 9 -- A Chinese woman returned to Thailand to thank her rescuers who saved her five years ago. Reportedly, the woman, then pregnant for about three months, was pushed off from a cliff by her... Read More

Hyderabad engineer claims his mental health 'improved by miles' after he moved to US

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9-year-old runs a mile in storm to get help after tornado tosses parents' car: 'Don't die, I'll be back'

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Passenger pushes and punches bus driver over alleged fare dispute, fight caught on camera

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TV host brutally shuts down troll for 'cleavage is for the nightclubs' email: 'Yes, it is intended to humiliate me'

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Rabindranath Tagore's English translation of Jana Gana Mana in his own handwriting wows people

India, May 7 -- India's National Anthem, Jana Gana Mana, was written and composed by Nobel laureate and legendary poet Rabindranath Tagore. The original song has five verses under the title Bharoto Bh... Read More

Quality engineer fired amid 'hardcore' Tesla layoffs: 'Weight of the wait was lifted'

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Singer Ananya Birla quits music, shares emotional note on Instagram: 'So sad to hear that'

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