House meeting nears but there's still no candidate for Speaker

Kathmandu, Jan. 18 -- With just two days remaining for the meeting of the House of Representatives, there are fears of another postponement due to an inability to reach consensus on a candidate for Sp... Read More

Speaker post has become a matter of prestige for co-chairs, say party insiders

Kathmandu, Jan. 17 -- As indecision in the ruling Nepal Communist Party over the candidate for the House Speaker continues, insiders say party leaders have now come to terms with the fact that the iss... Read More

NCP leadership's highhandedness and indecision on Speaker show democratic disconnect

Kathmandu, Jan. 12 -- Indecision on the Speaker candidate continued on Saturday, a day ahead of the scheduled House meeting, and the ruling Nepal Communist Party leadership decided to ask Shiva Maya T... Read More

Organisations gear up for protest against IT bill saying it will curb freedom of expression

Kathmandu, Jan. 11 -- While the House of Representatives has been held hostage to the indecision of the ruling Nepal Communist Party on selecting the Speaker candidate, stakeholders have started consu... Read More

A divided house, ruling party has yet to decide on Speaker candidate

Kathmandu, Jan. 10 -- A deepening conflict over the candidate for House Speaker and the Millenium Challenge Corporation's Nepal Compact has broken the facade of unity in the ruling Nepal Communist Par... Read More

Provincial leaders balk at ruling party's directive to name Province 3 'Bagmati'

Kathmandu, Jan. 8 -- Province 3 Assembly members from the ruling Nepal Communist Party have warned the party leadership against any attempts to impose decisions on them in clear violation of the spiri... Read More

NCP members say leadership deferred Central Committee meet to avoid criticism

Kathmandu, Jan. 7 -- Even more than a year and a half after its formation, the ruling Nepal Communist Party has not held a meeting of its Central Committee, a crucial and most powerful body of the par... Read More

Plight of sugarcane farmers shows the priority government accords to them

Kathmandu, Jan. 6 -- After a nearly two-week protest in freezing Kathmandu, the government, on Friday, finally signed a five-point agreement with sugarcane farmers, promising to clear all dues by next... Read More

Former Maoist leaders in ruling party fear their apprehensions about merger are coming true

Kathmandu, Jan. 5 -- Two years ago, when the CPN-UML and CPN (Maoist Centre) leaderships were working to announce the merger of the two parties, there were concerns and apprehensions among the rank an... Read More

NCP leadership takes unilateral decision as it picks National Assembly candidates

Kathmandu, Jan. 4 -- A secretariat meeting of the ruling Nepal Communist Party has picked 16 candidates for the upcoming National Assembly election, but by doing so, the party has once again violated ... Read More