Leaders, including from the ruling party, criticise government for trivialising national awards

Kathmandu, Sept. 22 -- On the occasion of Constitution Day, the government on Friday announced various awards for 634 individuals from different walks of life for "their significant contributions to t... Read More

Government celebrates Constitution Day while Madhesis and indigenous groups protest

Kathmandu, Sept. 21 -- On Friday, the government marked Constitution Day with pomp and ceremony, at Tundikhel, as members of the Nepal Army donned the garb of various ethnic groups and performed for o... Read More

Calls for constitution amendment persist, but can it happen anytime soon?

Nepal, Sept. 20 -- The Constitution of Nepal turns four on Friday. To observe the occasion, the KP Sharma Oli administration has announced a three-day celebration. However, there are some sections of... Read More

Statements by ruling party's youth wing against democratic values, analysts say

Nepal, Sept. 17 -- On Monday, as the debate over the tourism minister's delaying of a Buddha Air flight continued , Yogesh Bhattarai's personal aide issued a statement, which many said was in bad tast... Read More

Lack of meaningful political discourse is helping neither parties nor democracy

Kathmandu, Sept. 15 -- Last week, a co-chair of the ruling Nepal Communist Party, Pushpa Kamal Dahal, said, "We have debased ourselves morally." "We received the two-thirds mandate from the people to... Read More

Government's plans to celebrate Constitution Day reek of Panchayat-era nationalism, says civil society

Kathmandu, Sept. 14 -- The KP Sharma Oli administration is stepping up efforts to celebrate Constitution Day with as much fanfare as possible, directing all government bodies, including those at the l... Read More

Ruling party prepares for mass gatherings but party leaders say they have nothing to tell the people

Kathmandu, Sept. 13 -- With the Nepal Communist Party working to bring party unification to a conclusion, plans are afoot to hold mass gatherings as part of a special campaign that will connect the pa... Read More

As ruling party prepares for secretariat meeting, leaders are confused about what's next

Kathmandu, Sept. 11 -- With the party co-chairs holding hours-long meetings as a preparation to conclude remaining tasks of the party unification, all eyes are trained on Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli'... Read More

Samajbadi Party, a partner in the Oli government, says it won't observe Constitution Day

Kathmandu, Sept. 10 -- Even as the government is preparing to celebrate Constitution Day with fanfare, its coalition partner-the Samajbadi Party Nepal-has said it will stay away from the celebrations.... Read More

With the anniversary of constitution promulgation approaching, Congress proposes amendments

Kathmandu, Sept. 9 -- As the Constitution Day approaches, the Nepali Congress, under whose leadership the constitution was promulgated four years ago, has reiterated its commitment to amending the con... Read More