Youth finds it more difficult to overcome COVID-19 and stigmatisation

Shillong, June 30 -- The first two phases, out of the five phases, National Lockdown is not less than the emergency of the War Zone, but this time the world is fighting the unseen enemy- coronavirus. ... Read More

Will SC clear deck for Board Examination of Rajasthan

Shillong, June 29 -- The Supreme Court (SC) on June 28, 2020 declined to entertain the plea filed by the mother of a student challenging the Rajasthan State Board's decision to conduct pending examina... Read More

Indians continue to defy protocol, are yet to learn the lesson from COVID-19 pandemic

Shillong, June 28 -- The world is yet to pinpoint the behaviour pattern based it on seasonal or population density that is, with some Coronavirus cases seem to be higher incidence and caseloads is see... Read More

Assam re-imposes two weeks total lockdown from June 29 to check COVID-19 surge

Shillong, June 26 -- The announcement made by the Health Minister of Assam, Himanta Biswa Sarma on June 26, 2020 that a total lockdown in Guwahati will come into effect from June 29 and will continue ... Read More

Cases of burglary and theft on rise in Meghalaya during COVID-19 lockdown

Shillong, June 25 -- As anticipated the prolonged national lockdown, where for over three months by now every activities is under shutdown with the negative impact on the economy being inevitable, par... Read More

NDA improve seat share in RS, while losing ground in grassroots politics

Shillong, June 24 -- The Bharatiya Janata Party-led National Democratic Alliance 2.0 Government, after the latest round of biennial polls to the Rajya Sabha (RS) is over the alliance has further widen... Read More

Post COVID-19 will not witness business expansion but austerity of cost cutting

Shillong, June 23 -- One of the flagship programs launched by Bharatiya Janata Party-led National Democratic Alliance 2.0 government, as an attempt revive the economy of the nation, particularly for m... Read More

Nepotism is not confined to Bollywood alone but it can be seen in every profession

Shillong, June 22 -- The drastic action of actor Sushant Singh Rajput's suicidal death has left Bollywood industry shell shock and in a dilemma about life and death. Moreover, his death has given a vo... Read More

Can India sustain extension of Lockdown after June 30

Shillong, June 21 -- The Prime Minister, Narendra Damodardas Modi is yet to have video conferences with the Chief Ministers regarding the National Lockdown which will end by next week on June 30, 2020... Read More