Suspension of operations by Jet Airways exposes lack of job security in India

Shillong, April 17 -- Jet Airways has temporarily suspended all flights operation from April 17, 2019, after it failed to secure interim funding of Rs 400 crore for maintaining even bare minimum opera... Read More

Plainbelt's Bank customers irked over banking services in the district

Shillong, April 16 -- The job card holders of New Bhaibari and Rajabala Area Employment Councils (AEC) have expressed their dissatisfaction with the State Bank of India (SBI) branches across the Plain... Read More

TRAI acknowledges mess - up on new pricing scheme

Shillong, April 15 -- The new Television pricing scheme for viewers brought in by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) from February 1, 2019 has upset the consumers across the nation, as t... Read More

As polling ends in Meghalaya, administrative work takes a back seat

Shillong, April 14 -- As Re-polling is underway on April 15, 2019 at the Konarchar Polling station in the by-poll to Meghalaya's Selsella Assembly constituency, having a total of 712 voters, the claim... Read More

Voting pattern in NE is so different from rest of India

Shillong, April 12 -- The fate of the candidates from 91 seats, spread across 20 states and Union Territories, is sealed for over 40 days in the ballot boxes, being the first to go to poll on April 11... Read More

Meghalaya has voted; results will tell if party ideology or personal charisma attracted the votes

Shillong, April 11 -- The increase in turnout of voters for the Lok Sabha polling in Meghalaya, compared to 2014 polls, is an encouraging sign. According to State's Chief Electoral Officer, Fredrick R... Read More

Sensitized electorates should demand Progress Report from Parliamentarians, Legislatures via ECI

Shillong, April 10 -- As the first of the massive seven-phase General Election 2019 takes off on April 11, 2019 to constitute the 17th Lok Sabha, the electorates this time seem to be more assured of w... Read More

'Silence Period' marks the start of the mega seven-phase electoral exercise

Shillong, April 9 -- The 48-hour period preceding the conclusion of voting is called the 'silence period' during which any kind of political campaigning is prohibited. The 91 Lok Sabha constituencies ... Read More

With CAB as election agenda, can all 25 MPs unite NE?

Shillong, April 8 -- All the eight states in the North Eastern (NE) region are all geared up to vote on the first Phase of the seven-phase polls starting from April 11 to May 19, 2019 to constitute th... Read More

Democracy: Contest not fight, Represent not Rule

Shillong, April 7 -- As the nation celebrates the festival of democracy- exhibiting the world's largest democratic exercise as India gears up for the seven-phase elections starting from April 11 to Ma... Read More